Roasted Spring Onions

Simple and herbaceous, this recipe sings notes of springtime. 

Banane Plantain (Steamed or Boiled Plantains)

This recipe was taught in one of our Mosaic of Flavors classes, which is presented in partnership with Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program.

Baked Crab and Asparagus Spread

This crowd-pleasing appetizer pairs well with white wines like Sauvignon Blanc or lighter reds like a Pinot Noir. Serve with crisp slices of cucumber, jicama or zucchini as an alternative to bread or crackers.

Warm Roasted Parsnips, Garlic, Ginger Farro Salad with Pistachios

This recipe was submitted as part of our We ♥ Local Parsnips Recipe Contest by Donna Quinlan. "When the parsnips come out of the oven, it's hard not to eat them all right then.  But if you wait, all the flavors and textures come together like a symphony in your mouth."

Herby, Quickety, and Never Persnickety Parsnip Oven Fries

This recipe was submitted as part of our We ♥ Local Parsnips Recipe Contest by April Howard.  April says, "This recipe really highlights the unique sweet and creamy flavor of parsnips with minimal processing. The preparation is quick and the baking takes place easily while other food items are being prepared. A winter kitchen staple!"

Winter Cheer Parsnip Salad

This recipe was submitted in our We ♥ Local Parsnips Recipe Contest by S'ra DeSantis. S'ra says, "Do you have the winter blues? Parsnips smell like soil and have an earthy flavor. They are capable of invoking thoughts of gardening and getting digging in the soil.  This salad will make you remember spring is right around the corner."  We couldn't agree more!

Parsnip Colcannon with Kale

This recipe was one of our finalists for our We Local Parsnips Recipe Contest and was submitted by Lisabette Fay.  Of the recipe, Lisabette says, "It's a delicious way to prepare parsnips and perfect for St. Patrick's Day!  This recipe can be adapted to your preferences.  While colcannon traditionally is made with potatoes and cabbage, my recipe includes parsnips for some sweetness in the mash and vitamin-packed kale. You can experiment with leeks, green onions, and garlic too!"  All of the ingredients, except the salt and pepper, can be sourced locally too!

Kimchi Fish Stew

This delicious bowl of warming comfort food cooks in less than a half hour so it’s perfect for a busy weeknight. Use any firm white fish you can catch or buy. 

Kimchi Noodle Bowl

It is hard to imagine a more comforting, more healthful bowl of soup on a cold night.  With the kimchi already made, this soup is ready in the time it takes to boil the noodles.  

Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi bokumbop is the Korean name for this fried rice that uses kimchi for both the vegetables and the flavoring.  The dish can include meat—Spam is a popular choice!—but this version is vegetarian. You can also try serving it with sunny-side up eggs! 


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