Member Meeting


Thank you for joining us for Member Meeting 2023!

We are incredibly grateful that we had the opportunity to come together in person at Hula Lakeside in September! It was so joyful to connect with one another and celebrate the year’s accomplishments. Plus, we had a chance to meet our Board candidates and Community Service Award winner! Didn't make it? You can watch the entire Member Meeting below! 

What Is a Member Meeting?

Every Fall, our Members are invited to gather and reflect on the Co-op’s successes and challenges over the past year and look forward to new opportunities in the year to come. We hear from our Board Chair and our General Manager, announce the winner of the Community Service Award in Honor of Don Schramm, hear from Members who are running for our Board, and open our elections process. In 2020, 2021 and 2022 our Member Meetings were held virtually – you can watch the whole event below! In 2023, we were delighted to gather in person with our Members again at Hula Lakeside - stay tuned for video from the event!

At the center of the image, a rectangular sign reads "Welcome!" Above the main text on the sign is a City Market logo and the words "Member Meeting." A man in a green baseball cap, a blue and white plaid shirt and jeans is holding onto the top of the sign and doing a frog kick. The man and the sign are on the sidewalk in front of a glass-fronted building with a sign that reads "echo."