COTS Tree Sale

Our COTS Tree Sale

City Market’s annual COTS Tree Sale is a joyful way to contribute to our community! Every December since 1998, we’ve sourced fresh trees from local farms and sold them to raise funds for the Committee on Temporary Shelter. The COTS Tree Sale is a fantastic opportunity for our staff, Members, and our community to come together and make a real difference for people in our community who are experiencing homelessness.

Person wearing a grey hat, black jacket and red mittens is carrying a tree on the right side of the image. To the left is a truck holding trees and people waiting to unload more trees.
Five people stand in front of a mural that depicts a hillside dotted with houses and trees sloping down to a vivid blue lake with blue mountains in the distance. The five people hold two oversized checks, one for $19,898.30 for COTS, and one for $5,167.31 for the Intervale Center.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a tree to support the Committee on Temp and the Intervale Conservation Nursery! After the 2022 sale, City Market staff presented a check totaling $19,898.30 to COTS and a check totaling $5,167.31 to the Intervale Center to fund planting 750 trees across our region in 2023. 2022 marked the 25th Annual Tree Sale to benefit COTS. With your help through the years, our COTS Tree Sales have raised over $206,000 for COTS! Looking for other ways to support COTS?


The Committee on Temporary Shelter is the largest provider of services for people who are homeless or marginally housed in Vermont. In 2021, COTS helped 2,222 people, including 352 children. Their services range from overnight shelter space to daytime drop-in meals, showers and laundry to support in navigating housing programs to helping people avoid homelessness. We’re proud to partner with COTS in their work to support our community!

Logo for COTS featuring a purple drawing of 3 people figures joined at the hands with a roof shape above them. The three people figures are standing on top of a rectangle with COTS written in white.
Logo for the Intervale Center featuring a green hexagonal shape with the words "Intervale Center" centered in white.

Buy A Tree, Plant A Tree with the Intervale Center

When you buy a tree at our COTS Tree Sale, the Intervale Center will plant a tree for you somewhere in Vermont the following spring! Every year, the Conservation Nursery, a program of the Intervale Center, plants 30,000 Vermont-grown, native trees and shrubs along rivers and streams throughout the state. Your tree will live for decades, providing habitat for animals, reducing erosion, filtering pollutants before they reach waterways, and sequestering carbon.