Special Orders

Placing Special Orders at City Market

Looking for something that’s not on our shelves, or looking to order a large quantity of a particular item? City Market can order you any product we have available through one of our distributors (whether it is on our shelves or not) if you are purchasing a full case amount.

Plus, all special orders excluding alcohol receive a 10% discount! Please note: This discount does not stack with other discounts, such as Member Worker Discounts.

To place a special order, stop by our Customer Service desk in either store. When your order arrives, we will send you an e-mail letting you know that you can pick it up at Customer Service, usually within a few days! 

Questions? You can email us at purchasing@citymarket.coop!

Two people stand behind a counter. The person to the left is wearing a gray sweatshirt and a lanyard. She has her left hand raised in a half-wave. The person to the right is wearing a yellow tee shirt and a lanyard. Both are smiling. To either side of the people, there are columns of hats. The hats on the left are trucker hats with the words "may all be fed" and pictures of carrots printed on them. The hats to the right are blue and burgundy beanies.