Market Café

Please note that starting Monday, January 14, our Hot & Cold Buffet prices will be increasing to $8.99/lb. To learn more, click here.


For week of Jan 14


• Vegan Tortilla Soup VEGAN
• Split Pea & Ham Soup GF


• Roasted Potatoes w/ Broccoli & Sour Cream VEG GF
• Carrots & Parsnips w/ Rosemary, Olive Oil & Sunflower Seeds VEGAN
• Roasted Garlic & Jalapeño Mac N Cheese VEG
• Saag Paneer VEG GF
• Refried Pinto Beans VEG
• Butternut Mash VEGAN LOCAL GF
• Roasted Brussels Sprouts w/ Bacon & Brown Butter GF
• Steamed Veggies VEGAN GF
• Brown Rice VEGAN ORG GF
• Vegan Chili VEGAN GF


• Chicken Chilaquiles
• Miso Cod w/ Baby Bok Choy GF
• Tofu Chickpea Tikka Masala VEGAN GF
• BBQ Seitan & Peppers VEG