Market Café

Prepared Foods & Café COVID-19 Update

To support the overall health of our community and limit exposure to potential contamination, we have transitioned to pre-packaged sandwiches and ready-to-eat items from the hot and cold bar. Additionally, we have closed our café spaces at both stores in order to comply with social distancing recommendations.

Updated March 17, 2020

Our Café Menu Changes Every Monday

In a effort to reduce food waste, we may have extra ingredients from the prior week that we'll continue to use in the new week. Our offerings may vary from the menu below because of this. Both store locations share the same menu, but there are occasional differences due to ingredient availability.

Burger Fridays!

Every Friday you'll find burgers on our hot bar while supplies last. You may find that some entrees have been temporarily removed while burgers are available, but they will be put back out once we sell out of burgers.

No menu available yet, sorry!