Member Work

A group of City Market Members sitting on a flat trailer hitched to a green pickup truck. The truck is parked in a lush green field. The top half of the photo is rich blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds that are lit from above, with white tops and dark gray bottoms.

Member Work Discount

Did you know you can support a local organization and earn discounts on your groceries? City Market Members who volunteer with participating Community Outreach Partners receive a 12% month-long discount for four hours of volunteering or a 7% month-long discount for two hours of volunteering.  

Discounts begin the first of the following month after you volunteer and are not available on alcohol, newspapers, or stamps. 

Get Started

To participate, you must be an active City Market Member and be at least 16 years old. All Member Workers must attend an online Member Worker Orientation. 

Sign Up  Member Worker Guidelines

A person in a brown coat and a gray winter hat holds a pine tree. There is a pin on his coat that says "Member Worker."
Six people at work in a garden. They all wear gardening gloves and have long-handled shovels. At center, a light-haired woman in a teal turtleneck and jeans drives her shovel into the garden bed with one foot.

Sign Up For Member Work Shifts with Community Outreach Partners

To sign up for Member Work, check out our Community Outreach Partners at the link below. Then, contact the organization you would like to work with directly. Please note that Member Work opportunities are only offered through our Community Outreach Partners.

Can I Do Member Work In Store?

We retired our in-store Member Work program in 2015. Some volunteering opportunities that do not replicate the work of paid staff are available at our stores seasonally, such as volunteering at our COTS Tree Sale. Here’s a great article explaining why we made this transition: 

Two people stand in front of a row of cut pine trees. The person on the left is wearing a long maroon puffy coat, brown knit gloves and a hunter green felt cap. The person on the right is wearing an olive green canvas cap with a brown patch on the front, a blue and black plaid wool coat, black gloves, and jeans.