Benefits and Programs

Quarterly Discount Days

On quarterly discount days, Members save 8.02% on all Local and Made in Vermont items, excluding alcohol. It’s a great chance for Members to come together to support our mission to strengthen our local food system! Look for the purple shelf tags throughout the store to find locally grown and locally made items. The 8.02% discount stacks with other store discounts, like Member Work, Food for All, Senior, and Staff discounts. It does not combine with Special Order discounts. Our Member discount days for the current fiscal year are:

  • Wednesday, October 19, 2022
  • Wednesday, December 14, 2022
  • Tuesday, February 14, 2023
  • Wednesday, June 7, 2023

A light green circle with white letters inside reading "8.02% Discount Day." There is a green silhouette of the state of Vermont inside the 0 in 8.02.
A group of City Market Members sitting on a flat trailer hitched to a green pickup truck. The truck is parked in a lush green field. The top half of the photo is rich blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds that are lit from above, with white tops and dark gray bottoms.

Member Work Discount

Did you know you can support a local organization and earn discounts on your groceries? City Market Members who volunteer with participating Community Outreach Partners receive a 12% month-long discount for four hours of volunteering or a 7% month-long discount for two hours of volunteering.  

Discounts begin the first of the following month after you volunteer and are not available on alcohol, newspapers, or stamps. 

Discounts with our Community Connections Partners

Looking to support more local businesses? City Market Members receive discounts at over 100 local businesses through our Community Connections program including Pingala Café, Folino’s Pizza, and Pet Food Warehouse just to name a few! Just show your Member card when you visit one of our Community Connections Partners to unlock your Member benefit. Plus, Members can stop by Customer Service at either store to enter our Monthly Community Connections Raffle! There are a variety of incredible local businesses that offer outstanding discounts – check out the whole list!

Felted flowers arranged in tin metal buckets on a wooden display table. The flowers are a variety of shapes and colors - some are tall with small white flowers, others have wide pink petals or yellow small petals.
A watercolor landscape of a luminous lake at sunset. The water in the foreground is gray with hues of pink and purple. A rocky breakwater cuts horizontally across the lower third of the painting. Above it, the water is orange and peach, as if reflecting a sunset. On the other side of the lake, low rolling blue mountains define the skyline. A yellow sunset glows behind them.

Become a Featured Member Artist

Are you an artist and a City Market Member? You could be featured on one of our Member Artist Walls!  We feature art from a Member Artist for two-month periods at both stores. We love to highlight the diverse skills of our Members and to connect our Member Artists with potential buyers and opportunities in our community! 

Reverse Osmosis Water

Members can fill up on Reverse Osmosis Water for free! Reverse Osmosis Water is available at both stores and is produced by demineralizing water by pushing it under pressure through a semi-permeable Reverse Osmosis Membrane. This process improves taste and odor of water by removing contaminants and it also removes impurities that include limescale, chlorine, silt, and much more.

A large display with a slate gray sign with white lettering at the top. The left side of the sign reads "Kombucha on tap." Below that part of the sign are four brightly colored taps. The right side of the sign reads "Filtered Water." Below that part of the sign are two metal spouts. Below the taps and the spouts, there is a metal countertop.
A group of people gathered in a lush green vineyard. The people in the foreground have their backs to the camera. From left to right, they are wearing a white buttoned down shirt, a black sweater, a goldenrod long sleeved shirt, and a striped long sleeved shirt. The person farthest in the background is facing the camera and wearing a black tank top and jeans. Above them, the sky is bright blue with one wispy white cloud in the center.

Reduced-Price Classes

Members can access community cooking classes like wine and cheese pairing, camp stove cooking, and more for just $10—that’s a savings of $15 per class! That means if you take just one cooking class per year, your Membership pays for itself! 

Participate in Co-op Governance

Our Members build the future of our Co-op! Members can vote in our annual elections to determine the makeup of our Board of Directors. Those Members seeking to have a greater impact can run for the Board of Directors and help shape the direction of the Co-op’s future. 

A screenshot of a video call with ten people in three rows. Each person's head and shoulders are visible and all are smiling. There are four people in each of the top two rows and two people in the bottom row.
Objects on a flat white background. From top left, moving clockwise: a four-pack of light blue cans with "Bitter Bubble" written on each one. A green cardboard box labeled "Castleton Crackers." A small glass jar with strawberries on the label below the words "Blake Hill." A smaller glass jar with a pink label on top and a mild yellow substance inside. The front label reads "honey infusions elderberry." Four seed packets with brightly colored flowers printed on the front. A City Market Gift Card.

Automatic Entry into Member Raffles

Each month, all current City Market Members are automatically entered into a monthly raffle to win prizes! We feature lots of local products from our store and gift cards from our local partners. Members: check your email to see if you are this month’s winner!

Profit Sharing

During profitable years, Co-op Members receive patronage checks based on spending their spending as a form of profit sharing. As a result of our 2017 expansion to our South End Store, we do not anticipate being profitable in the immediate future. When we return to profitability, we will recommend to our Board that we reconsider issuing Patronage Refund Checks to our Members.

People seated in two rows in a large room. Behind them are tall windows. Outside the windows, it's dark. In front of the windows, a man in a checked shirt holds a video camera. At the far right of the image, a well-lit man with short black hair holds a microphone. His free hand is raised in an expressive gesture. He is wearing jeans and a blue-gray tee shirt.