Member Artist

Our Gallery Space

We display art from a Member Artist for two-month periods at both our Downtown and South End stores.

Our Downtown gallery space is adjacent to our self-checkouts with great visibility to shoppers checking out. 

Our South End gallery space is on the walls on either side of our café, helping to make our South End café a warm and welcoming space. 

A counter with four red high-top chairs facing away from the viewer. The counter is in front of a wall with large black lettering at top that reads "Member Art." Below the lettering, several paintings of different sizes and many colors hang in three columns.

Apply Today!

Are you an artist and a City Market Member? We'd love to feature your art on one of our Member Artist Walls!  If you are interested in displaying your art, please fill out our Member Artist Application and submit it to or drop it off at Customer Service. The application has important information about the size of our space as well as our installation requirements and process.

Current Member Artist

July and August South End Member Artist: Kristina Pentek

Banner Image
A photograph of a storm rolling in from the west over Lake Champlain. Sailboats dot the dark blue water and clouds roil the sky. In the far left of the photograph, a corner of a bright yellow sunset peeks through.

Kristina Pentek is a photographer living in Burlington Vermont. Her work aims to capture scenes that are real and naturally occurring  but look otherworldly, fantastical or abstract. Weather and momentary juxtapositions are often the key to the dramatic and vibrant colors in Kristina’s photographs. In particular, Kristina is interested in capturing beautiful moments when nature intersects with mankind.

Kristina looks for beauty in her day to day by paying attention to the details. Sometimes a change of perspective makes all the difference. While Kristina’s work does include travel photography, most of Kristina’s photographs were taken close to home.