Rally for Change

Anytime you check-out at City Market, you can choose to "round up" your total to the nearest dollar. At the end of the month, we donate 50% of those funds to the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf, 40% to an organization that aligns with our Global Ends, and 10% to a local non-profit.

In February, you collectively donated $22,839.30!

  • $11,419.65 for the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf
  • $9,135.72 for the King Street Center
  • $2,283.93 for the Howard Center Street Outreach Team

March's 50% Partner: 

Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf

The Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf is the largest direct service anti-hunger organization in Vermont. The Food Shelf provides critical nutrition assistance to more than 11,000 Chittenden County residents who struggle with food insecurity and hunger every year. Food Shelf programs provide groceries, hot meals, job training and support for thousands of our neighbors.

March's 40% Partner:

Intervale Center

The Intervale Center recognizes that in order to have a vibrant local food system, we must work to engage everyone in our community. They believe that all Vermonters should have access to—and be able to afford and enjoy—fresh, locally-grown food.

The Intervale Gleaning & Food Rescue Program gleans and rescues fresh vegetables from Intervale farms and farms in Chittenden County. Their Fair Share Program then distributes this food, every week from July - October, at no cost to households and social service agencies in our community. They provide community members and organizations access to fresh, local food from farms they know. The Fair Share Program also provides nutrition education, cooking skills, and resources for participants to connect them with nourishing food all year long.

In the past two years, the Intervale Center have distributed 90,000 pounds of fresh food to people in Chittenden County. This year, they will glean and rescue 60,000 pounds of food and provide it for free to 200 families and 20 social service agencies. This program would not be possible without the support and engagement of our community – local farmers, organizations like City Market, volunteers and people like you! 

March's 10% Partner:

Vermont Cares

Vermont CARES works for and with Vermonters affected by HIV/AIDS to promote wellbeing through a continuum of prevention, support, and advocacy services. As Vermont’s oldest and largest AIDS service organization, they provide free comprehensive services to people living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS. They envision a world of compassionate neighborhoods where: people live free from the stigma, poverty, and oppression associated with the HIV/AIDS epidemic; people of Vermont make informed decisions about HIV prevention, services, and treatment; and there is no longer a need for Vermont CARES. 

Vermont Cares is proud and grateful to partner with City Market to help spread the word about HIV prevention and care, in a time when more awareness is needed. They’re on the cusp of leading Vermont to be one of the healthiest states in the nation through our “On the Road to Zero” campaign, but can’t continue these results without our community’s support. 

As Vermont’s oldest and largest AIDS service organization, Vermont CARES has a long history of providing free prevention (e.g., HIV tests, education, safer sex supplies) and harm reduction services (e.g., syringes exchange services). In recent years, the need for these services has grown, especially as injection drug use has increased in Vermont. The Vermont Department of Health reports that Vermont has the fifth highest prevalence of past year heroin use, and 20% of new HIV diagnoses in 2017 were related to injection drug use. 

To better meet the needs of rural neighbors who don’t have HIV testing center nearby, they applied for and were awarded a prestigious grant from the Elton John AIDS Foundation at the end of 2016 to purchase and renovate a van to be used for mobile prevention and harm reduction services in rural communities. This new testing van has been amazing: it’s totally exceeded their expectations and is making a real difference!

This mobile HIV prevention center has been on the road since May 2017, and has visited dance parties, village downtowns, homeless shelters, parades and festivals, and college campuses. They have offered HIV and HCV testing and syringe services in roughly a dozen rural communities to date. Importantly, Vermont Cares is serving people who we could not previously reach. 

As they expand this mobile program, they’re now faced with the ongoing challenges of staffing van and stocking it with the supplies that are needed to provide comprehensive services statewide. Currently, they’re working to accommodate four new requested mobile sites, and expect that number to grow quickly and exponentially. Because they offer their services free of charge, they rely largely on fundraised dollars to staff and purchase supplies for the van. By supporting City Market’s Rally for Change Program, Co-op members are investing in this much-needed rural health program, along with other projects we run. They invite you to learn more at their website, and to reach out to them to volunteer or support our vision of a healthier state. 

About Rally for Change

In October 2014, City Market updated its program for collecting donations at the register! Previously, we selected a different non-profit each month and donated 5 cents for each bag our customers reused (our "Change for Local Non-Profits" program). Every register also included tear off coupons so customers could donate to the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf. In addition, each year in February we sold $1 Hearts for the Intervale Center and in September $1 Lunch Trays for Hunger Free Vermont, with all donations going to each respective organization. We've consolidated all of these programs into our new "Rally for Change" program which allows customers to "round up" their order at each register, each time they check-out at the Co-op.

In the name of education, opportunity, and streamlining how we do things here at the Co-op, we created a Rally for Change program! This program allows customers to “round up” their payment at the register (e.g., a $25.42 checkout could be rounded up to $26 for a $0.58 donation). The Co-op will then donate this “round up” change to a variety of local non-profits each month (so, not just one!) that are doing amazing work in our community. Want to round up to the nearest five or ten dollars? You can do that too! Each month, we’ll share who will be receiving the donations (in our newsletter, with store signage and through staff education).

With more than 4,000 transactions each day through our registers, we all have the opportunity to share what we think of as “small change” to rally for bigger community-wide change. This new Rally program will take the place of the “tear off” coupons we have at the registers and will also take the place of our Change for Local Non-Profits (or bag refunds) program.

Not to worry, a large percentage of each month’s donation will go to the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf and we anticipate that this program will actually increase their donations. Through this new program, we will also continue to offer donations to local non-profits that are on the waiting list for our previous "Change for Local Non-Profits" bag refund program (and any new ones that we add to the list!). Here’s how the donation percentages will work out each month:

  • 50% to the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf, every month

  • 40% to an organization that aligns with the Co-op’s Global Ends 

  • 10% to a local non-profit that may not directly align so closely with our Global Ends, but still works to make our community a better place (much like the Change for Local Non-Profits Program)

This new program gives our cashiers and staff an opportunity to engage with our customers and together we’ll both support and learn more about the organizations that make our community a better place to live. We’re excited to give it a try and are interested to hear what you think!

Past Recipients

Do you run a local non-profit that aligns with our Global Ends?

Your organization can apply to become a Rally for Change 10% Partner. We are currently filling slots 4 years out (it's a popular program and our community has many amazing non-profits!). Visit our donations page to learn how to apply.