Department Profiles

Four large, dark loaves of bread on a light wooden table, with several golden brown rolls to the left-hand side. The left-most rolls are seed-crusted, and the rest are dusted with flour.


Our Bakery Department is filled each day with fresh bread, pastries, muffins, and other delicious delicacies baked by our staff and local bakeries. We carry baked goods from over 30 bakeries, so there’s something for everyone!

Beer, Cider and Wine

Our Beer, Cider, and Wine Department features a wide and evolving selection of products at outstanding value. We are proud to carry a large selection of Vermont-made craft beer, fine wines and ciders, in addition to beer and wine from all over the world. Stop in and peruse selections from over 50 local breweries!

Chat with our friendly and knowledgeable staff for help with food pairings or beverage suggestions for any occasion. Don’t see what you’re looking for, or planning a larger gathering?  We can help you place a special order for bottles or cases of your favorites. Plus, if you buy 6 or more bottles of wine, you'll receive a 10% case discount!

A display case of four shelves, all full with many different, brightly colored bottles and cans of beers and ciders.
A long row of clear bulk dry goods dispensers. Inside each is a differently colored bulk item, including candies, nuts, beans, grains and more.


Our diverse bulk department allows shoppers to buy as little or as much as they need of local, organic, and conventional products, including spices, oils, cereals, rice, pasta, flour, beans, grains, nuts, dried fruit, maple syrup, candy, teas, medicinal herbs, coffee, and more. Whether you’re looking to experiment with a new ingredient, or you’re looking to cut down on packaging waste, our bulk department is here to help. Plus, every Thursday is Bulk Up Thursdays! Shop bulk on Thursdays and save 10% on all bulk items.


Our Cheese Department is filled with local, artisanal, and unique cheeses, from handmade burrata to sheep's milk cheese to Shelburne Farms aged cheddar. Don't know which cheese to pair with your bread or wine? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to offer recommendations! 

A cheese spread with a section of a large creamy-yellow hard cheese wheel. In front of the cheese wheel are a pile of crumbled hard cheese and a pile of olives. In front of the olive pile are nine rolls of chevre, crusted with a variety of colorful herbs and dried fruit. In front of the chevre are seven half-moons of soft cheese with white rinds. Behind the display are bright green grapes and bright red strawberries.
Popped popcorn scattered on a wooden table with three unopened popcorn packages. The first is a white box with a drawing of an ear of corn on it. The second is a lavender bag labeled "Boom Chicka Pop." The third is a red bag labeled "Popcorn Indiana." The last is a clear bag with popped popcorn visible inside, labeled "Mama's Special."


Whether you’re looking to stock up on grocery staples or explore new local products, our extensive Grocery, Frozen and Dairy sections have you covered. Our aisles feature organic and conventional daily necessities as well as hard-to-find items for your pantry such as silken tofu, mole, ghee, egg replacer, almond paste, pectin, and powdered goat’s milk. Plus, we’re proud to feature local dairies in our Dairy cooler, including Vermont Co-op Milk which is produced for us and two other Vermont food co-ops by Monument Farms Dairy. Vermont Co-op Milk guarantees an affordable gallon of milk for our shoppers and a fair price for the farmer.

Meat and Seafood

Our Meat and Seafood Department features fresh, local, organic, and sustainable choices for every taste and budget. As a Co-op, we act as buyers for our Members and shoppers, not as sellers for an outside supplier. That means that when we shop for seafood, meats, and poultry to pass on to you, we’re looking for the absolute best we can find. Visit our Downtown or South End Meat & Seafood counter daily for assistance from our friendly and knowledgeable staff!

A side view of a display with two kinds of sliced sausages intermingled with piles of green olives. Two signs stick out at the top of the display. One reads ""VT 99 Meats Kimchi Pork Sausage." The other reads "Vermont Salume Red Wine and Garlic Sausage."
A close up of a person's hand in a latex glove placing green pickle rounds on an open sandwich that features sprouts, cucumber, tomato, sliced cheese and sliced turkey. The sandwich is on a light countertop.

Prepared Foods

City Market offers one of the finest and most affordable options for ready-to-eat food in Burlington with our hot and cold food bar, salad bar, and deli. Grab pre-made salads, sandwiches, and hot or cold meals to go, get your cold cuts the way you like them, fuel up with a hot cup of locally roasted coffee or fair-trade tea, or enjoy a sandwich in our café.  We have options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and beyond!


Our Produce department features produce from a wide array of growers, both large and small, sourced by dedicated staff who are constantly looking for new ways to connect you to the source of your food. We work to ensure that every piece of produce that lines our shelves is of the highest quality at a fair price, representing a diverse array of organic, fair trade, and conventional produce. We have close partnerships with many of Vermont’s amazing and diverse farms and are proud to provide an amazing selection of Vermont products. Come in and enjoy some of the best produce our region has to offer!

Three rows of heirloom tomatoes on a wooden table, viewed from the top down. The tomatoes are lush, brightly lit and in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, light green, and mottled red and dark green.
Upstate Elev Fam


Our Wellness department invites you to indulge yourself and enhance your well-being with our wide variety of herbs, supplements, shampoos, soaps, and skin care products. The selection in our Wellness Department is hand-picked by our knowledgeable staff, who can consult with shoppers to meet the needs of every budget. Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’re happy to place special orders! Plus, every Tuesday is Take Care Tuesday – shoppers save 10% on all supplements, including CBD products!