Environmental Initiatives

Waste Management

City Market is committed to reducing food waste and following the food recovery hierarchy. Additionally, we are committed to reducing plastic packaging and seeking sustainable packaging alternatives throughout our stores. 

A roll of green compostable produce bags on a rack under a stack of brochures. The brochures have white text in front of a photo of assorted vegetables that reads "Produce Storage." Behind the rack is a produce display featuring brown baskets tipped on their sides. The baskets contain apples, pears, lemons and limes.
City Market's South End store viewed from above. There are solar panels arrayed on the roof.

Energy and Climate Change

At City Market, we know that a strong local food system depends on mitigating climate change. Recognizing the energy needs associated with the grocery retail sector, we work hard to reduce our energy use and optimize efficiencies. We’ve implemented the first transcritical CO2 refrigeration system in Vermont, significantly reducing our refrigerant emissions – and that’s just one way we’re addressing our climate impact. 

Natural Resource Management

City Market recognizes the importance of managing our natural resources to build a resilient future for our environment, our food system, and our communities. We are committed to preserving our agricultural landscape, maintaining clean waterways, and ensuring sustainable use of natural resources. 

A close up of small pink wildflowers and green bushes. Three black and orange butterflies sit on the flowers. Behind the bushes, a building is visible but blurry.
Five people stand in front of a building with sliding doors and a marquee that reads "City Market." There is a red ribbon in front of the people and all along the entrance to the building. The person to the farthest left is talking, and the other four face him. At the far right, several additional people are standing and clappng.

Sustainable Expansion

When we expanded to our Flynn Avenue location in 2017, environmental remediation work was central to our project. Our South End store is built on a remediated Brownfield site and remediation work included asbestos abatement, on-site stormwater treatment, and asphalt and concrete as remedial soil barriers. The store is also the first in Vermont to use a transcritical CO2 refrigeration system, significantly reducing our refrigerant emissions. In addition, the store has solar tubes and uses LED lighting with an intelligent lighting system to reduce energy use. Because of this work, City Market received the 2017 Vermont Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence. We are grateful to our partners at Freeman French Freeman, DEW Construction Corp, VHB, Stone Environmental, Pomerleau Real Estate and many others for supporting this sustainable expansion.

Film Plastic Collection Partnership

Currently, there is no curbside or pick-up recycling program for plastic film in Chittenden County. To work towards filling this gap, we worked with a number of Burlington-area companies to design a community-shared system for plastic #4 recycling in Chittenden County. We hope to collaborate on new models to make plastic film recycling accessible for all businesses in the region. 

Two people stand on a roof. The first is wearing a white polo shirt and shorts. The other is wearing a pink tee shirt, a lanyard with a rectangular card on it, and shorts. Behind them, the roof is studded with ventilation equipment. The sky behind the people and equipment is a rich blue.