Executive and Senior Management


Our Senior Team

A photo of Madelyn Cataford smiling wearing a pink/maroon blouse with pockets. She is seated against a light wood background.

Madelyn Cataford
Director of Finance and IT

 	A photo of John Tashiro wearing a navy blue polo with white buttons and a white t-shirt underneath showing near the top. He is sittting down and smiling against a light wood back drop

John Tashiro
General Manager

A photo of Trish Redalieu smiling wearing a light blue blouse with some white faint lines on it. She also is wearing tan square dangly earrings. She is sitting posed against a light wood background.

Trish Redalieu
Director of People and Culture

A photo of Brent Demers smiling wearing a light grey-blue henley short sleeve t-shirt with two buttons at the top. He is sitting against a light wood background.

Brent Demers
Assistant Director of Operations - Logistics

Matt Butterly pictured wearing black beanie and grey polo with black buttons. He is smiling against a light wood backdrop.

Matt Butterly
Store Manager - South End


Chef Michael Clauss
Executive Chef


Theo Kovaleff
Assistant Director of IT