Gluten-Free Vegan Pastry Crust

Try your own blend of gluten-free flours! This will also work well with 1 cup of white rice flour and 1 cup of brown rice flour.

Persimmon Bread Pudding

This seasonal dessert is best served topped with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream or yogurt, and can be eaten hot or cold. You can substitute brioche or Italian white bread for the challah if desired.

Inside-Out Apple Crisp

Instead of slicing apples and sprinkling them with toppings, try stuffing the topping inside a whole apple.  Skip the pans, and use the apple as the vessel for this fun, simple and delicious variation of the apple crisp!

Persimmon Olive Oil Cake

With similar texture to a zucchini bread, try your hand at using a wintertime delectable fruit — persimmons! 

Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

Spoon portions into small dessert bowls or plates and garnish each serving with a few small scoops of vanilla bean ice cream (use a melon baller) or fresh berries.

Spiced Pear Cake

Vermont has many local varieties of pears. Try this recipe using local Asian pear varieties!

Cranberry Scone

Delicious use for fresh cranberries! Spread with maple butter, leftover cranberry sauce, or straight from the oven. You can also try making an orange glaze for zesty flavor. 

Soul Cakes

A scone-like pastry with origins in old England and Ireland, these sweet cakes rose to popularity between the 8th century and the Middle Ages. They were baked for All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween) and All Saints Day on November 1, although their significance has adapted over time. Try them this season for something to nibble on in between all the candy!  

Apple Raspberry Nachos

Give nachos a new twist with these dessert nachos. Feel free to replace the nuts with granola or crushed graham crackers and drizze the apples with caramel sauce or honey. Top with your favorite ice cream and add your own touch of spice. 

Blackberry Cheesecake Cups

Shortbread cookie crumbles or sliced toasted almonds make a nice, crunchy garnish and add texture to this creamy dessert. If you’re making these ahead, refrigerate for up to 3 hours before serving.


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