Harvest Protein Power Salad

Try this salad with Boosted Tahini Caesar Dressing from our website for a delicious vegan meal. 

Caprese Pasta Salad

In this easy pasta version of the Italian classic, the Caprese becomes a meal, gets a little sparkle from lemon, and can be made anytime of the year by using arugula instead of basil. Great for potlucks, since it travels well.

Great Green Goddess Salad

The classic Green Goddess dressing has a hint of anchovy for umami, but if you want to leave it out, you can. Top with cooked chicken or ham for a main course salad, or serve alongside grilled shrimp. Double the amounts in the dressing ingredients to make extra for salads throughout the week!

Garlic Tofu and Greens

The toasted sesame oil and garlic add depth to this simple vegetarian dish. This meal makes it easy to get greens in your diet. Try using broccoli for the kale when broccoli’s on sale. Or leave out the pasta and top the kale with poached or fried eggs for a high protein breakfast option.

City Market's Chicken Salad

A quick and easy chicken salad which is great on it's own or topped on a bed of greens. 

Smoked Salmon and Arugula Salad

This simple salad is a great lunch, and the soft, salty salmon pairs perfectly with crisp greens and creamy dressing. You can use fat-free yogurt and low-fat mayo if you want to keep the fat content low, or full-fat, for a richer dressing. If you want to snip some fresh dill over the salmon, that would be lovely, too.

Soy-Ginger Dinner Salad with Tuna

This salad wows diners with its seemingly complicated flavor profile. Packed with protein and fiber, it can easily be incorporated into your meal plan to get you out of a dinner rut. Add nuts on top for extra substance, crunch and pizazz.

Kale and Blood Orange Salad

This salad is a great make-ahead option, since, unlike many tossed salads, it keeps for up to 3 days in the refrigerator. Serve with roasted meats, or top with leftover cooked sliced chicken for a hearty lunch salad. Substitute navel oranges for the blood oranges if you prefer; just be sure to use 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with the sweeter navel orange juice in the dressing.

Red Kale and Apple Salad

This recipe was created by one of our Produce Buyers, Kara. She thinks it's a perfect dish to highlight the deliciousness of red kale!

Coconut Tangerine Salad

A delicious side salad becomes a main meal with the addition of cooked shrimp or salmon. Substitute toasted peanuts for the almonds if you like, and garnish with pomegranate seeds for even more color and zip. 


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