Buckwheat Pancakes with Applesauce

Start this recipe the night before your breakfast and let the yeast do the work!

Cottage Cheese & Berry Pancakes

When the berries are in season, take a break from crepes and try these cottage cheese pancakes. They're also a nice light (and quick) dinner when it's too hot to cook much else. Try with a lightly dressed local greens side salad.

Omelet with Ricotta and Greens

This omelet is wonderfully versatile with any fresh, tender greens that are in season. Ricotta gives it a mellow, creamy flavor. It was taught to us in a City Market class by Jessica Bongard of Sweet Lime Cooking Studio.

Tofu Scramble with Fresh Herbs

Served piping hot, this golden tofu is remarkably like freshly scrambled eggs, flavored with basil, dill and chives. Squeezing the tofu will extract about 3 tablespoons of liquid and will keep the dish from becoming watery.

Roasted Grapefruit with Cinnamon

Warm grapefruit with caramelized brown sugar is a delicious breakfast treat or after-dinner palate cleanser.

Ramps & Eggs

This makes an easy, delicious springtime breakfast!

Eggs in a Nest

Just like Mum used to make! Ok, well not really, but this is super tasty!

Cheese Popovers

This is a great recipe to use with local Vermont cheese.


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