Eggs in a Basket

Experiment with your favorite flavor combinations in this versatile brunch dish. Try diced jalapeño peppers with Mexican cheeses and picante sauce; minced prosciutto and Gruyere cheese; or tomatoes and fresh herbs. The baskets can be cooked for a shorter or longer time depending on whether you prefer a runny or set yolk.

Morning Apple Crumble

The lack of sugar in this recipe makes this a great breakfast dish. Try both warm and cold, served with a dollop of yogurt.  You can also substitute dried cranberries or cherries for the raisins.

Three Grain Loaded Pancakes

When this recipe says loaded, it means loaded.  An utter explosion of flavors make up these hearty pancakes that are entirely worth the effort.

Stuffed Pancake Panini

If you ever needed an excuse to spice up your traditional pancakes, this is it.  Fresh apples and crisp pancakes make this a delightful breakfast treat.

Beet Cups with Egg Frittatas

These delicious mini quiche-esque snacks will add a little dazzle to any breakfast.  Perfect for a brunch appetizer as well.

Veggie Quiche

This is no ordinary Vegetarian Quiche.  A big mix of fresh flavors and a bit of a spicy kick make this a delicious breakfast treat.

Red Currant Cake

This is a versatile cake that could work well as a dessert or accompanying your morning coffee.  Also great with raspberries, this cake is a great way to use the less common red currants.

Spiced Apple Carrot Pancakes

Nothing beats a good pancake, and these take the cake.  These sweet and rich pancakes will be everyone's favorite breakfast treat.

Rainbow Quiche

These delightful little quiches make for the perfect breakfast.  Not only are they delicious, but they look beautiful as well.

Tofu Curry Scramble

This is a great recipe to use to use up the abundance of dark, leafy greens from your garden.


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