Grilled Scallions with Romesco Sauce

This Spanish sauce is also delicious with oven-roasted potato wedges, fries or even grilled shrimp or as a condiment for chicken, lamb chops, or meatballs. It makes a great alternative to pesto as well: stir it into soups and stews or toss with pasta.

Mango Zinger Salsa

The zing in this salsa comes from the raw red onion, but you could add even more by including a chopped jalapeño pepper.

Savory Herb Cheese Bites

These fun little bites are perfect for entertaining. Make cheese lollipops using thin pretzel sticks, serve cheese balls with water crackers or baguette slices, or try changing up the flavors.

Broccoli Pesto Torticotti with White Bean Salsa

A big twist on a traditional manicotti recipe, this is sure to entice all of your friends.

Vegetable Upside Down Cake

A delicious and nutritious alternative to a classic dessert.  This cake makes a wonderful snack, appetizer, or side dish.

Beet Cups with Egg Frittatas

These delicious mini quiche-esque snacks will add a little dazzle to any breakfast.  Perfect for a brunch appetizer as well.

Winter Harvest Potstickers

Nothing beats a good potsticker, and these are top notch.  A crisp texture and fresh flavors make these an awesome appetizer.

Veggie Taco with Cilantro Lime Sour Cream

Nothing beats the taste of a fresh corn tortilla. Add some fresh vegetables and a flavorful sour cream dip and you have the perfect snack or meal.

Summer Smashed Potatoes

You may have heard of smashed potatoes, whole potatoes that have been pressed flat into a sort of deconstructed fritter. The joy of these is that they can take on whatever herbs or toppings you have on-hand, so we've gone summer with fresh garden veggies. Get creative with your own toppings and watch them fly off the plate.

This is a great way to use up extra baked potatoes from summer barbecues since you've already done the first step!

Roasted Jerk Chickpeas

The humble chickpea gets a soapbox to stand on with this bold spice rub. Crispy and delicious after roasting, we love throwing them in burritos or green salads. If going the salad route, let them cool first, then add peach slices and a little bit of goat cheese to create a summer salad experience like no other!


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