Baked Brie with Figs & Pistachios

Make sure to take a picture of this beauty when it’s done. Perfect as an easy appetizer for a holiday gathering. 

Smokey Roasted Cauliflower

A great side for roasted or grilled beef, pork or chicken, this savory cauliflower is also a tasty snack, warm or chilled, served with lime-spiked yogurt dipping sauce. Substitute smoked paprika for the chipotle peppers to reduce the spice level.

Roasted Cauliflower

Serve these cauliflower florets hots as a side dish or as a healthy snack!

Herbed Egg Salad

Quick and easy sandwich that is a great on the go snack or a lunch option for kids!

Orzo Pasta Lunch Salad

Customize this salad by adding olives, feta cheese or cooked garbanzo beans! Keep fresh by storing in the refrigerator.  

Grilled Marinated Zucchini

Enjoy these delicious marinated zucchini as a side dish with grilled poultry or meats at your next summer gathering.  

Caramelized Onion and Fennel Tarts

Serve as an appetizer or alongside with a salad.  Feel free to change up and add your own favorite toppings!  

Grilled Nectarines with Smoky Blue Cheese and Almonds

Pair the flavors of sour, spicy, sweet and savory all together with this quick and easy summer appetizer!

Steamed Mussels with Celery Leaf Salad

With its mild astringency and juicy freshness, celery is a wonderful foil to strongly flavored seafood. In this recipe you use the outer celery stalks to steam mussels and then serve them with a cold celery leaf salad for crunch and flavor. 

Pickled Rhubarb

Want a new way to use rhubarb? Try pickling it! These pickles go well on salads, on a cheese plate, or paired with smoked fish.


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