Potato Crust Quiche Lorraine

Love quiche, but dislike fiddling with a pastry crust? Try shredded potatoes instead! The delicious flavors of a quiche Lorraine—bacon, onion, and Gruyere cheese—are encased in a crispy, crunchy potato crust for a decadent breakfast or dinner that’s a fun twist on tradition (and gluten free!).

Coconut Mango Muffins

Not only do these muffins go perfectly with morning coffee and juice, they also pack well — so save a few for lunches, too.

Shakshuka with Spinach

Serve over warm pitas or toast, along with a side of chickpea salad or hummus.

English Muffins with Eggs, Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

Looking for a high-protein breakfast or lunch? Try these easy, tasty topped English muffins. You can even opt to scramble the egg into the veggies for an even easier prep.

Leftover Breakfast Frittata

This is a quick and easy, yet decadent breakfast to feed a crowd! Use any leftover roasted or grilled vegetables and cooked salmon! 

Peanut Butter Pancakes

Give your day a delicious boost with these high-protein, whole wheat pancakes. 


Looking for a creative way to use your leftover stuffing? Try these simple, cute, oven-baked egg stuffing muffins: stuffins! Drizzle leftover cranberry sauce and gravy over the top for a decadent finish. 

Maple Honeynut Squash Muffins

These muffins are the perfect fall treat! Enjoy with a schmear of apple butter, regular butter, or on their own. The Honeynut squash is a mini variety of the Butternut squash, but if Honeynut isn’t available, Butternut squash will taste just as yummy. 

Ham and Gruyere Breakfast Roll

This hearty dish makes for a festive brunch or breakfast, with a platter of fresh seasonal fruit and a simple green salad. Substitute smoked turkey for the ham or, for vegetarians, leave out the meat and add chopped steamed broccoli or asparagus. 

Peanut Butter Berry Smoothie Bowl

This delicious bowl is as close as you can get to eating ice cream for breakfast, while still feeling virtuous about the protein and nutritious fruits you are spooning up. For the best smoothies, freeze bananas that have gotten a little too ripe; just peel them and pop them in a freezer bag. The frozen ingredients make a thick smoothie, perfect for topping with granola, fruit and seeds.


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