Triple Berry Summer Buttermilk Bundt

A great way to include a variety of local berries and local buttermilk in your dessert!

Almond Lemon Cake

This is a light yet delicious cake. The textures of the raspberry with the cornmeal are toothsome and delectable together.

Gingerbread Cookies

This dough is so soft and easy to work, theyre a pleasure to make.

Winter Squash Custard

This all-local (minus the spices) recipe tastes like pumpkin pie in a bowl.

Apple Cinnamon Noodle Kugel

Kugel is a type of sweet or savory pudding made with noodles and baked like a casserole.

Banana-Chocolate Tea Cake with Sweet Cream Cheese Frosting

This tea cake relies on the natural sweetness of very ripe bananas plus a little bit of granulated sugar. One cup of buttermilk ensures that it stays super moist.

Chocolate and Coconut Milk Creams

These little puddings are delicious and adaptable – you can use a combination of coconut milk and soy milk to make them dairy-free, or a combination of milk and heavy cream. They look pretty in small glass canning jars.

Italian Biscotti

A favorite holiday cookie, these are twice-baked for a crispy texture. The miniature size makes them perfect for gifts.

Hot Maple Apple Cake

A classic Vermont recipe from the "Real, Old-Time Yankee Maple Cooking" booklet, since out of print. Use a tart heirloom or McIntosh apple in this recipe.


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