We ♥ Local Cornmeal

Our annual We ♥ Local Recipe Contest is about to get underway, and this year the featured local ingredient is local cornmeal!  You can find local cornmeal in our Grocery Department (Aisle 1) from Nitty Gritty Grain Company

What is cornmeal?

Cornmeal is ground dried corn.  Cornmeal can come in three different textures: fine, medium, and coarse. You may also see the term “stone ground” on cornmeal packages. Stone ground cornmeal contains some of the hull and germ of the kernel (which may retain more nutrition and flavor), whereas steel rollers remove most of the hull and germ.

What is the difference between cornmeal and polenta?

Polenta is an Italian porridge made from cornmeal. Polenta can be made from coarse (or medium) ground cornmeal.

What is cornmeal used for?

Cornmeal can be used for all sorts of dishes, from savory to sweet.  It can be used for a comforting porridge like polenta, for classic cornbread, or delicious cakes. Some ideas for cornmeal recipes are listed below.

Ready to submit a recipe to the We ♥ Local Recipe Contest?

Now that your cornmeal creativity is churning, head over to our We ♥ Local Recipe Contest page for more information about how to enter.  Submit a recipe that features local cornmeal between January 30 and February 12 and be entered to win a $100 gift card to City Market and a Le Creuset shallow oven from Kiss the Cook!


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