Honey Caramel Popcorn

This recipe is a delicious, inexpensive Localvore snack.

Dilly Beans

Harvest snap beans daily to prevent them from getting overripe (when you can see the shape of the beans within the pod). An overripe bean can be pickled, but it will not be as tender as less mature beans. This recipe makes the classic dilly bean.

Vegetarian Pâté

This vegetarian pâté is great to put out when you're having friends over, and it's one of those recipes where you keep coming back for more! It also makes a nice sandwich on toasted rye bread, with fresh, thinly sliced onion and a warm-from-the-garden tomato.

Fruit and Nut Balls

If you're familiar with Lara Bars (one of the original healthy fruit bars with 5 ingredients or fewer), these are a version of the bar called Cherry Pie. We use local dried cranberries instead of cherries. See below for a chocolate variation! This recipe was taught in a City Market class on healthy snacks for active lifestyles.

Maple Coconut Nut Snack

This is a special treat with the added benefit of being high in protein. Use your favorite type of nut.

Avocado Corn Salsa

This is a good recipe for the height of sweet corn season when the local red bell peppers are ripe.

Honey Bran Muffins

Try this recipe with local wheat bran and local flour for a tasty muffin!

Sesame Honey Treats

Gently toasted sesame seeds, honey, and sea salt are the simplest ingredients for a natural sesame candy that originally hails from Greece. Mix in flax seeds or other nuts/seeds of choice with sesame seeds, simply reducing the total amount of sesame seeds. Dried cranberries (added after toasting) or other chopped dried fruit are also a delicious addition. A treat for the whole family.

Blueberry Dumplings

This is a great way to celebrate the blueberry season! Eat this right away after making to take advantage of all the good juices.

Kale Chips

A seriously addictive snack, kale chips are popular with kids too!


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