Member Artists

Are you an artist and a City Market Member? We'd love to feature your art on one of our Member Artist Walls!  We feature art from a Member Artist for two month periods at both our Downtown store on the wall near Register 10 and in our South End store on the walls on either side of our cafe.  If you are interested in displaying your art, please fill out and return our Member Artist Application and submit to

July Featured Member Artist - Kim Bombard

 “In my time as an artist, I have been fortunate enough to have had many positive experiences in life and with my art. I have had numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as having been featured in various local and regional publications. Some of these include Solo Exhibitions, Left Bank Home and Garden, Mirabelle’s, the Teresa Davis Studios at the S.E.B.A Center, Seven Days, the Burlington Free Press, The Daily Planet, the South End Art Hop, and the Art’s Alive Festival (2013 second place winner).”

June Featured Member Artist - Anthony Green

“My work is a practice relating to the phenomenology of revelation. I make these images through a careful study of the objects in my internal awareness. My method involves holding extremely detailed imagery in my mind's eye. From this focusing process, I then translate the revelations as imagery and story. What manifests is my Magnum Opus: a work in progress that is intended to be a graphic novel and a movie. Of the Timeless Go-Between is the working title for the project. These images are hand-illustrated through a collection of mediums in the tradition of Outsider Art.”

To purchase, contact

May Featured Member Artist - Anne A.N. Bemis

Award winning artist Anne A.N. Bemis has exhibited widely.  Her paintings and photographs have been shown at UVM , Church Street Center (now The Firehouse Gallery), The Governor’s Corridor in Montpelier, City Hall in Burlington, Dartmouth College, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital, Saint Vincent’s Hospital in New York City, The AVA Gallery in Lebanon, NH, and the ALMA museum in Boston, MA. 

Bemis studied with The Masters of American Abstract Expressionism – Richard Pousette-Dart, Robert Motherwell, Gabor Peterdi and Sidney Delevante.  Bemis has taught art to students of all ages – elementary, middle, and high school, as well as to adults.  Her works are included in many collections, including the ALMA Museum. 

Enjoy the show.  “The painting is your signature” Pousette-Dart

April Featured Member Artist - Fidget Artwork

Fidget Artwork was born the day Cassi no longer cared about finding the “perfect” medium.  Finger-painting, collage, acrylic, photography—she loves it all!  Heavily inspired by a wide variety of music and an adoration of nature, Fidget Artwork is an ever growing collection of eclectic pieces as unique and unpredictable as the Vermont weather.

March Featured Member Artist - Bryan Briscoe

FRUIT & FLOWERS, Bryan Briscoe

“Drawn to light, color and nature, I produced Fruit & Flowers. I wanted to create something refreshing and challenge my painting. The process of art making is my spiritual outlet as much as a necessity. Nature and spirituality are my creative inspirations, be they subjects of humanity, flora and fauna, or the greater universe.  My work is conceived from self-expression, personal points of view, or subjects of interest to connect with the viewer.  I respect the work of late great art masters Henri Matisse, Claude Monet and Paul Klee for their contributions of color, light and imagination.  Positive and negative space, compositional balance, color, form and how the subject is expressed with paint are the visual challenges for Fruit & Flowers.  I hope you are inspired by Fruit & Flowers too.”

To purchase my art please contact me at

February Featured Member Artist - Chime ZerØ

Artist Chime ZerØ hails from the small town of Derby in the North East Kingdom of Vermont.  Art has always been a passion of Chime ZerØ. Ever since he was old enough to hold a pencil, Chime ZerØ was drawing and painting. He refined his artistic skills throughout his schooling, always doodling in his notebooks. It was in college, where he studied Art History, that Chime ZerØ was influenced by all the art movements that has helped him create his style. The work of Chime ZerØ is a combination of past artistic movements. He has the fine brush strokes of the Renaissance mixed with the fast brush strokes of the French Impressionists. Drips and splatters of Abstract Expressionism along with elements of Pop Art and Graffiti can be found throughout all his work. Chime ZerØ has a unique flare while staying true to the artistic roots.

January Featured Member Artist - Vincent Sebastian

Vincent Sebastian (1991, Bartow, FL) is a local artist who specializes in traditional mixed media drawings.

Since the age of fourteen, Vincent has partnered with a number of authors such as Jayel Gibson (Tales Touched by Magick), Jeffrey J. Neubauer (Stone Giants), Joseph Larsen (A View From the Crossroads), and Jennifer L. Place (Letters to My Child) to bring their visions to life through illustration. 

His work is a manifestation of the spiritual, inspired by the style of Art Nouveau as seen popularized in the late 1800's. By using a blend of fantasy and reality, he creates dreamlike images that speak on an internal level.

Vincent currently works and resides in Burlington, VT with his partner and their two furry children.

December Featured Member Artist - Wiley Reading

Originally from New Jersey, Wiley comes to Burlington via Washington DC, where one of the first things he noticed was the incredibly unique architecture. Nowhere he'd been before had such amazing murals, colorful rowhouses, soaring bridges and adorable neighborhood haunts. They inspired him to begin memorializing the art and architecture of the city, a practice he continues now in his new home state of Vermont.

November Featured Member Artist - Miranda Dott

“Painting brings joy! I hope to share some of that joy and light through my watercolor and acrylic display.  I grew up in Rockport, Massachusetts.  The majestic ocean and sky brought my desire to paint watercolor.  Living on the coast and being around such beauty brought lots of inspiration.  I have explored many mediums, but have found that watercolor has a gentle flow that is very meditative. Acrylics have been fun to play with and have allowed me to be bold and loose at times.

Moving to Vermont in 2009 opened up more color exploration.  Merging the beautiful mountains into new ideas is enriching to my work.  Free flowing flowers and greenery, some visual and some imaginative, have been influential as well.  This collection is a variety of work from several years back as well as more recent creations.”

October Featured Member Artist - City Market

October is Co-op Month and Farm to School Month! City Market is using the Member Art Wall to celebrate one of its most treasured goals: to reduce childhood hunger in our community.  While our adult Members were celebrating at Member Meeting on September 17, our younger Members were creating a beautiful collaborative printed canvas highlighting their favorite healthy snacks at the Co-op. 

Look for this one-of-a-kind mural along with pictures of the project on our Member Art Wall throughout the month of October. We’ll also share inspiring information about what some of City Market’s Community Outreach Partners have accomplished with their important work on food insecurity in our community!