Member Artists

Due to the closing of the South End store's cafe, we are temporarily suspending the South End Art Wall to be fair to our Member Artists. Our Downtown Art Wall plans to continue as normal while respecting social distancing requirements as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Are you an artist and a City Market Member? We'd love to feature your art on one of our Member Artist Walls!  We feature art from a Member Artist for two month periods at both our Downtown store on the wall near Register 10 and in our South End store on the walls on either side of our cafe.  If you are interested in displaying your art, please fill out and return our Member Artist Application and submit to

December Featured Member Artist - Matthew and Maggie Rose Bogosian

Folk Heart is a collaborative project between brother and sister, Maggie Rose and Matthew Bogosian. They use photography to explore positive relationships between the manmade and the natural. When there is balance there is beauty.
The images are transferred onto artisan paper with the help of essential oils and finished with vintage white, wooden frames.

November Featured Member Artist - Helen Dechtiar

This month’s featured Member artist is Helen Dechtiar, who is showing her "organic abstracts" using varied mediums such as watercolor, pen and ink, watercolor pencil, gouache, oil and acrylic. Her work is influenced by the scientific investigation of micro-worlds, stellar worlds and worlds we imagine may exist. She searches for the harmonies, patterns, movements and the "changes and chances" hidden in these worlds rather than choosing to create illusions of reality, also known as "realism". Helen is also influenced by Asian art that seeks to explore the "essence" of things. She looks for the patterns and forms she sees within Chinese and Arabic calligraphy.

September Featured Member Artist - Christopher McBride

City Market’s featured Member Artist for the month of September is Christopher McBride. His photography is taken with a Nikon camera and lenses, and he tries not to transport the viewer to another place, but rather to first bring them directly to the image. The image’s color, texture, light and composition speak first, and then perhaps the viewer will go the image location and fill in associations.

July and August Featured Member Artist - David Brizendine

City Market’s featured Member Artist for July and August is David Brizendine. His photography exhibit is a real-life Instagram--both fun and cheeky, and includes everything from toy figures to the kitchen sink.


June Featured Member Artist - Charley Thompson

Our Featured Member Artist for the month of June is Charley Thompson. Read more about Charley in his artist’s statement below:

I am a passionate nature photographer. My objective is to bring images to the public that relax, inspire and intrigue. I was given my first camera at age five, and have been taking photographs ever since. I prefer not to crop or manipulate my images in any way, and work to engage the natural beauty of color and composition that I find in nature by capturing images as they exist. My hope is that what enters my lens cannot be improved upon.

May Featured Member Artist - Laura Smith

In Search of Puella
Oil Paintings at City Market

Laura Smith is a farmer, civil servant and dreamer who lives in an intentional community in Huntington, Vermont. She is a student of Archetypal Dreamwork at the North of Eden Center for Archetypal Dreamwork in Montpelier, Vermont.

She has this to say about her work:

In March of 2011, I dreamed that the Anima (female divine Archetypal figure) was teaching me how to paint as we painted together. In the dream, I felt incredible support and love in my place of child-like creativity with her. I felt very close to her, like she really cared about me. It was like she had all the time in the world for me and it didn’t matter if I made a mistake. During a particularly difficult spot in my dreamwork, my dream therapist suggested that I draw or paint an image from the dream. This opened the door to a previously unexplored part of me. I think of this new found creativity as a gift of the dreamwork; something unexpected and profoundly moving for me, a place to deeply explore and feel into what the dreams bring.

April Featured Member Artist - Miranda Stewart

Miranda Stewart lives in Burlington and enjoys making art with her daughter.  

February Featured Member Artist - Alicia Pacelli

Astral Inspirations by Alicia Pacelli

I grew up as the daughter of an Astronomy teacher, so stars have always been an important presence in my life.  I can barely name the constellations, (I can really only be sure of the Big and Little Dippers, and Orion's Belt) and I'm lucky if I can identify what appears to be an extremely bright star as a planet (most likely it's Venus).  However, I am and always have been fascinated by the night sky.

January Featured Member Artist - Ishana Ingerman

Un-masking:  The Truth.

Multi-media masks and poetry by Ishana Ingerman. 

Ishana is a Burlington resident with a B.A. in Fine Art.  Her healing journey after cancer and subsequent physical and chemical injuries have led her back to clay.  She has worked in ceramic sculpture, but only recently started combining her love of knitting and fiber-arts with the more solid ceramic form. 

December Featured Member Artist - Karen Dawson

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” –Alan King

Dawson lives and works in Burlington, Vermont, and exhibits throughout Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire.  She says, "For the last 23 years I have been operating a visual art studio in the Lakeside Neighborhood, in Burlington, Vermont, with 30 to 50 paintings in the works at any given time.  During the warm months I paint out doors. Studio refinement takes place in the winter, and in the run-up to exhibitions.”