Member Artists

Are you an artist and a City Market Member? We'd love to feature your art on our Member Artist Wall!  We feature art from a Member Artist for two month periods at both our Downtown store on the wall near Register 10 and in our South End store on the walls on either side of our cafe.  If you are interested in displaying your art, please fill out and return our Member Artist Application.

February Featured Member Artist - Rachel Lindsay

Rachel Lindsay is a Burlington based cartoonist and City Market cashier. Her comic strip Rachel Lives Here Now is a weekly feature in the Seven Days comic section, and has received coverage in "Stuck in Vermont" and on VPR. She is currently an artist in residence at New City Galerie where she is working on her graphic novel, Rx. This show is a mix of old and new work that spans a range of themes and styles.

Contact Rachel for pricing on these pieces:

January Featured Member Artist - Meagan Pittman

“My name is Meagan Pittman, I am 17 years old, and I am studying Design and Illustration at Burlington High School and Colchester High School while being dually enrolled at CCV. My art Ranges from drawing with pencil to painting with both oil and acrylic paint. My style ranges from Abstract to Realism, I capture details the way I see them. I create art because I can control the outcome of what I create and learn more about myself while doing so. I appreciate the beauty of the smaller things in life and I try to capture that in my work. Everyone finds peace in something and I find that peace in putting paintbrush to canvas or pencil to paper.”

December Featured Member Artist - Jack Griffin

Jack Griffin’s apartment walls, covered with decades of mostly retro styles, spill over into City Market’s Art Wall this month.

His abiding view of visual art is this: if a thought can be expressed in words, say it and be done.  If not, start a painting.

November Featured Member Artist - Alexander Lee

"Alexander Lee spent four years and three months traveling and teaching in China. He is currently a student teacher of social studies at Mount Mansfield Union High School. He went to Middlebury College and Vermont Law School, but lived in New Hampshire for nine years after graduating from law school and before setting out for the Middle Kingdom. 

His images are a combination of his own calligraphy and photographs that he took in the more than forty cities and five famous mountains that he visited."

October Featured Member Artist - City Market

October is Co-op Month and City Market is using the Member Art Wall to celebrate its past as we get ready to begin a new future!  Throughout the month of October, check out the Art Wall to see pictures of City Market in all of its varying stages from 1973 to 2015 and view some of our plans for our new store in the South End.  If we don’t remember where we’ve been, how will we know where we’re going?

September Featured Member Artist - Laura Cui

“Plants and animals have been my longstanding favorite subjects. I take pleasure in trying to get my drawings “just right” through close observation and careful line work. The process of creating my drawings are less so a means of expression, but rather an avocation for producing something aesthetically appealing.

This show exhibits some examples of my past work -- framed prints of plant studies done from life. They serve as the precursor to my current project, a collection of pencil illustrations featuring flowers that one might label “imperfect”. Keep an eye out in the coming months for my next show Imperfection.

For purchasing information, contact Laura at

August Featured Member Artist - Karen Karibian

“I tend to favor and infuse cheerful colors throughout my cartoons.  I prefer my characters to have a light and airy feel to them, almost as if they can be peeled off of the page, like pieces from a Colorforms set.  Many might appear to be dancing around, unaffected by the laws of gravity.  I like the dichotomy between a bewildered, muddled mind and a mischievous, haughty look.  This adds a separate element to the picture and makes it seem multi-dimensional.  It also lends itself to various forms of interpretation rather than that which is most obvious visually to one’s eye.

My cartoons are meant to encourage laughter and lightness.  In their uniqueness and bold style they are meant to let people pause and have a “simple pleasure” moment.  They are meant to inspire; arouse others to let their imaginations rocket and put down with fortitude the images that they feel compelled to create.”

Contact Karen at

July Featured Member Artist - Kim Bombard

 “In my time as an artist, I have been fortunate enough to have had many positive experiences in life and with my art. I have had numerous solo and group exhibitions as well as having been featured in various local and regional publications. Some of these include Solo Exhibitions, Left Bank Home and Garden, Mirabelle’s, the Teresa Davis Studios at the S.E.B.A Center, Seven Days, the Burlington Free Press, The Daily Planet, the South End Art Hop, and the Art’s Alive Festival (2013 second place winner).”

June Featured Member Artist - Anthony Green

“My work is a practice relating to the phenomenology of revelation. I make these images through a careful study of the objects in my internal awareness. My method involves holding extremely detailed imagery in my mind's eye. From this focusing process, I then translate the revelations as imagery and story. What manifests is my Magnum Opus: a work in progress that is intended to be a graphic novel and a movie. Of the Timeless Go-Between is the working title for the project. These images are hand-illustrated through a collection of mediums in the tradition of Outsider Art.”

To purchase, contact

May Featured Member Artist - Anne A.N. Bemis

Award winning artist Anne A.N. Bemis has exhibited widely.  Her paintings and photographs have been shown at UVM , Church Street Center (now The Firehouse Gallery), The Governor’s Corridor in Montpelier, City Hall in Burlington, Dartmouth College, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital, Saint Vincent’s Hospital in New York City, The AVA Gallery in Lebanon, NH, and the ALMA museum in Boston, MA. 

Bemis studied with The Masters of American Abstract Expressionism – Richard Pousette-Dart, Robert Motherwell, Gabor Peterdi and Sidney Delevante.  Bemis has taught art to students of all ages – elementary, middle, and high school, as well as to adults.  Her works are included in many collections, including the ALMA Museum. 

Enjoy the show.  “The painting is your signature” Pousette-Dart