Chicken, It’s What’s For Dinner: 5 Creative Meals, Using 1 Rotisserie Chicken

Need some quick and easy dinner inspiration? Grab a Rotisserie Chicken at our South End Store and begin to build a week of tasty, unique meals! A little bit of chicken can go a long way when supplemented with other plant based proteins and veggies. Below you’ll find 5 mouthwatering recipes to use your rotisserie chicken all week long.

Meal #1 Cucumber and Fennel Slaw

For meal number 1, keep it simple. Separate the chicken thighs from the body, and enjoy whole alongside this zesty slaw. Check out the recipe for Cucumber and Fennel Slaw, a perfect summer salad and accompaniment to a juicy chicken thigh.

Meal #2 Chicken Curry Salad


Chicken breast tends to be tender and moist, which is why it is a perfect option for a chicken salad! Make a quick dressing, chop up some fruit and veggies, and just like that you’ve got yourself a perfect lunch. Here is a recipe for Chicken Curry Salad. Enjoy by itself, on a sandwich, or get creative by placing a heaping spoonful of chicken salad on one large lettuce leaf and roll to make into a lettuce wrap!

Meal #3 Kale Salad with French Lentils and Sweet Apricot Vinaigrette

Salads are a perfect canvas for any type of protein. To be honest, there are very few salads that you can ruin by adding chicken. It is a neutral tasting protein, so it goes great with many different flavors. You don’t need much: ¼ to ½ a cup is plenty per person. Also, adding in any variety of alternative proteins, like lentils or chickpeas, is great way to supplement the chicken in your salad. Check out this Kale Salad with French Lentils and Sweet Apricot Vinaigrette. Adding in ¼ cup shredded chicken would complete this salad beautifully! 

While you're here, be sure to check out our recent blog post, Lettuce Not Forget the Dressing: How to Build the Perfect Salad, for more salad ideas! 

Meal #4 Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas


Use shredded chicken to make tacos, burritos or quesadillas. Who doesn’t love a chicken quesadilla? Try out these quick and easy Southwestern Chicken Quesadillas. The roasted poblano pepper adds the perfect amount of heat. Enjoy with a dollop of sour cream or Greek yogurt, fresh salsa, and/or avocado slices.

Meal #5 One-Pot Farro Risotto

Last but not least, use all the leftover chicken bones to make some Basic Chicken Stock. You can freeze the stock to use later in a variety of recipes. Before you freeze it all, check out this amazing One-Pot Farro Risotto recipe that calls for 2 cups of chicken stock. Enjoy as is, or if by the end of this week you have any leftover chicken, toss that in to rev up the protein.

There you have it, 5 different recipes to get creative with this week. For some more inspiration, check out more of our recipes here and stay up to date with our classes and events listed here!