Radicchio Salad

A simple dressing of garlic and honey lets the sweet, bitter and peppery flavors of this winter salad shine. Combining sweet pears and citrus, a creamy feta, and textured walnuts with the bitter radicchio creates a salad that’s easy to make and perfect for entertaining!


A photo of the ingrediants for the salad. Two different kinds of radicchio, garlic, pears, lemon, garlic and walnuts are arranged on a plate beside jars of salt and pepper.

Prep Time

20 minutes

Cook Time

0 minutes


4 Servings


1 radicchio
1 pear (halved and thinly sliced)
1 orange, navel (peeled and segmented )
1 shallot (thinly sliced)
1⁄2 cup walnuts (roughly chopped)
1⁄4 cup cheese, feta (crumbled )
1 clove garlic (minced )
1 lemon (juiced)
  salt (to taste)
  black pepper (to taste)
1 teaspoon sumac
2 tablespoons honey
1⁄4 cup olive oil, extra virgin


1. Prepare the radicchio: Core the radicchio and separate the leaves. If you want to make them slightly less bitter you can soak the leaves in cold water for 30 minutes, before drying and assembling the salad.

2. Assemble the salad: Arrange the radicchio leaves on a large platter, then top with orange segments and pear slices. Add the shallots, walnuts, and feta.

3. Make the dressing: In a small bowl, add the garlic and lemon juice. Season with kosher salt, black pepper, and sumac. Add the honey and whisk. While whisking, drizzle the extra virgin olive oil and continue to whisk until the dressing is well combined.

4. Finish the salad: Pour the dressing over the radicchio salad and serve.