Localvore Root Salad

This recipe is great as a side or a main dish.

Cheese Popovers

This is a great recipe to use with local Vermont cheese.

Bean, Mushroom, and Squash Soup

Another localvore recipe, this one combines the savory-salty flavor of bean soup with the sweet flavor of maple-drizzled squash.

Bánh Mì Sandwich

Vietnamese bánh mì sandwiches are a great way to use a lot of garden-fresh veggies. They have an endless variety of options for fillings. An Asian-French fusion, they often use liver pate as a base, or other boldly cooked meat such as black pepper pork (below). You can also try marinated turkey/chicken, shrimp, or firm tofu or seitan. Then top it off with a sweet and tangy carrot-daikon pickle.

Buttermilk Chicken

This is a great meal using local chicken.


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