Member Artists

Are you an artist and a City Market Member? We'd love to feature your art on one of our Member Artist Walls!  We feature art from a Member Artist for two month periods at both our Downtown store on the wall near Register 10 and in our South End store on the walls on either side of our cafe.  If you are interested in displaying your art, please fill out and return our Member Artist Application and submit to

October & November Downtown Member Artist: Constance Craik

Constance Craik is a contemporary illustration artist in Burlington, Vermont. She creates “creepy cute” portraits of fantastical women with watercolor and gouache.

September & October’s South End Member Artist: Peg Harrigan

Peg Harrigan’s landscape imagery focuses on the watershed region of the Winooski River (Winosikisibo-Winooski River, or Winoskitegw-Onion Land River) and surrounding lands that have long served as a site of meeting and exchange among indigenous peoples for thousands of years and is the home of Western Abenaki People.

August & September's Downtown Member Art: Claire Graham-Smith Textile Art

Claire has a varied artistic background which led to her working in fiber arts. She is a graduate of Fine Art College in Toronto, Canada (OCAD University today), where she studied painting and photography, then pursued courses in the culinary arts in Montreal. While working in food service for several years, she renovated two houses and many gardens.

July & August South End Member Artist: Patrick Tracy

I’m Patrick, I like to draw. Check out these ‘ol doodles of mine. I’m an illustrator who prefers not to talk about himself in the third person. These drawings aren’t deep representations of anything at all, just good old fashion fun. Long story short, I draw things.

This series progresses as follows:

June & July Downtown Member Artist: Florence McCloud

Dreaming in Color

I’ve had a life-long interest in art but only took my first painting class three years ago and fell in love with watercolors for their unpredictability and spontaneity.

Since my first class, I’ve experimented with different styles and compositions. I also write poetry and fiction, and I’ve found my painting enhances my writing.

April & May Downtown Member Artist: Marcel Etienne

When I paint I submerge myself in color. I look at a blank canvas and think of the possibilities of what I can do: how much white, how much color, how far to stretch realism into abstraction. Sometimes I may start with a sketch, other times I just start slapping on colors and see where it goes. My paintings are visceral, not intellectual: I want the viewer to feel subliminal pleasure from an explosion of colors.

February & March Downtown Member Artist: Grace Doherty

Grace is an employee at City Market and an undergraduate student at UVM studying Community and International Development. In her spare time she enjoys cooking meals with her housemates and learning new things.

December & January Downtown Member Artist: Sarah Zareva


I am a self-taught photographer with a focus on nature and meditative photography.

August & September Downtown Member Artist: Lorelai Arresse


I work at City Market and I'm a photographer.

I love capturing memories and moments to remember. I love creating art.