Serving Up Vermont

Posted by csehr on October 4, 2023

Meet the Artist: Christine Tyler Hill on Creating City Market’s 50th Anniversary Artwork

As the Co-op approached its 50th Anniversary this year, we sought a local artist to help us visually share our rich history and to carry that history forward into our next 50 years. We couldn’t have found a better collaborator than we did with Christine Tyler Hill. You may know Christine from her previous work as Marketing and Communications Director at NOFA-VT, or through her independent work as an illustrator, designer and storyteller. Or, you might recognize her from our South End Store’s front end mural!
Posted by csehr on September 8, 2023

A Third Place: 50 Years of Co-op Memories

This month, City Market celebrates 50 years since we incorporated as the Onion River Co-op! To help us celebrate, we asked our Members, customers and community members to share their best memories of our Co-op. We heard from members of the original Buying Groups, folks who volunteered in our stores, kids who grew up with the Co-op, and Members who found community when they needed it most. Check out some of these stories below!