Member Meetings & Elections

City Market Member Meeting Art Panel

Member Meetings

Once a year, as a Co-op Member, you are invited to a Member Meeting. Invitations will arrive in your mailbox and signs are posted around the Co-op notifying Members when the meeting is scheduled. There is no fee to attend; it's our way of saying thank you to our Members!


Visit our 2017 Elections Page for information on this year's elections process!

Each summer, we announce the timeline for Board Elections; generally, three seats are open each year. Applications for Board Candidates are available in early June and due by early September. Candidates have a number of opportunities to learn about Board work during the application process. Time is also available at our annual Member Meeting for candidates to address Members. The voting period for Board elections is October 1 - 21 each year with an online system that allows Members to vote from any internet-accessible computer.