Board of Directors Elections

City Market, Onion River Co-op's Board of Directors consists of nine members, elected from the general Membership. Elections are held annually and Board Members generally serve for a term of three years. When a Board Member vacates a seat before the end of their 3-year term, the Board may appoint a new Board Member who will serve until the next election process. This year we have five seats up for election; three of these seats are for 3-year terms, one seat is for a 2-year term, and another seat is for a 1-year term to finish out a vacated seat. The three candidates who receive the most votes will be elected for 3-year terms, starting January 2020 and ending December 2022. The candidate with the fourth most votes will be elected to the 2-year term, starting January 2020 and ending December 2021. The candidate with the fifth most votes will be elected to the 1 year term starting January 2022 and ending December 2022.

2021 Elections Info

We are now accepting applications for the Board of Directors for the October 2021 Co-op Elections. The deadline to submit applications is September 1, 2021.

Voting for Board Members will take place online from Wednesday, October 6 - Thursday, October 27. Eligible Members will receive detailed information in their mailboxes with instructions on how to cast their online ballots. This page will also be updated with instructions once voting begins on October 6. You will also get a chance to hear from this year's Board of Directors candidates and cast your vote at our upcoming Online Member Meeting on October 6 (time TBD). Learn more here.

If you have any questions during this process, please contact Mae Quilty at 802-861-9753 or

Thank you in advance for casting your vote in October and participating in Co-op Governance!