The Dish: The Wild World of Fermentation

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A special Vermont Restaurant Week edition of The Dish with Seven Days and the Intervale Center with support from ArtsRiot. The Dish is a quarterly panel discussions that dives into hot food issues with the help of local experts.

The Dish: The Wild World of Fermentation 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019
ArtsRiot, 400 Pine St

Recently, there’s been a rise in popularity of fermented food and beverages but this ancient technique has been around since the Stone Age. Traditionally used as a means to preserve food, the technology has evolved to encompass a broad range of flavors and products while shaking up the culinary landscape. From bread to beer, kombucha to kimchi, fermentation plays a role in many of the food and drinks we consume each day. Join us for a special Restaurant Week edition of The Dish to explore the wild world of fermentation. We’ll hear from brewers, farmers, chefs and business owners about their experiences with fermented products while exploring claimed health benefits, opportunities for preservation of local food, and whether or not this food trend is here to stay.

Brought to you by Seven Days, City Market and the Intervale Center with special thanks to ArtsRiot.

Meet the Panel:

Moderated by Amy Trubek, UVM Food Systems Graduate Program