Food Justice

NOFA VT Conference Round Up: Milk with Dignity

Valentine’s Day weekend this year, for many City Market staff and Members, was not just about sharing the love with family and friends.  Hundreds of farmers, food producers, students, and food enthusiasts descended on UVM for NOFA-VT’s 33rd annual Winter Conference.  This year, we were all sharing the love of a local food system and “Growing the Good Food Movement,” the theme of this year’s conference.  The conference workshops focused not only on technical aspects of farming and food production, but also aimed to open and continue conversations about farm and food equity, building a fair and just food system, creating access to healthy food for everyone, and creating a system where farmers and farmworkers receive the respect they deserve and a living wage.

The Search for Social Sustainability on the Farm

Fair wages for all (including farmers), include the next generation, equal representation under the law, humane working conditions, good and respectful communication, a grievance policy/conflict resolution process, access to affordable healthcare, kids on farms (both kids of farmers and farmworkers) should have access to quality education, children should only be allowed to work part-time on the farm, and fair pricing of farm products in the marketplace.

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