Livestream: Sourdough 201 part 3

Monday, May 22, 2023
5:30pm - 7:00pm

Virtual programming

In this 3-part sourdough series we teach you how to make your own unique sourdough starter from scratch and then - moving on to part 2 and 3 - how to bake and create delicious foods with it.

We explore the endless possibilities a starter culture gives you in the kitchen, beyond “just" bread baking. Think sourdough granola, breakfast waffles and pancakes, and even a festive sourdough chocolate cake! We will also discuss how using a sourdough culture contributes to the transformation of grains through fermentation, increases the bio-availability of key nutrients in our food, and how that might benefit the gut and our overall health.

Designed as a part bake-along, part demo, we will make the starter together and demo some parts of the recipes so you can feel confident about tackling the recipes in your own time. Recipes and instructions (if you want to bake along) will be shared one week before class date. Please note that the classes will not be recorded.