Livestream: French Quiche with Wild Spring Greens

Monday, May 3, 2021 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm
Virtual Class

Learn to bake a foolproof French quiche, just in time for Mother's Day! The early quiches of the Alsace-Lorraine region of France made use of diverse ingredients, based on seasonality, cost and what could be found or foraged nearby. In this class, we will learn to make a classic French quiche using wild spring greens that can be harvested in Vermont (and beyond) in May. We will start by learning to make a classic pâte brisée savory pie crust, including techniques for creating its crisp and crumbly texture and rich buttery flavor. We will then learn to make a custard filling and tricks for ensuring a well-baked crust. We will discuss fats traditionally used for pie crusts, cheese options and how to improvise and make a quiche with your favorite garden or foraged ingredients. The class will include a brief history of quiche-making in France and regional variations.

Instructor Anna Mays is an anthropologist who enjoys teaching about world culinary traditions, agricultural practices and the intersection between food, diet, culture and well-being. Anna trained at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School and has lived in France. This class will be held on Microsoft Teams, and a link/joining instructions will be sent to participants in advance.