Brot Bakehouse Adventure: Intro to Sourdough Breads

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 - 5:00pm to 7:30pm
Brot Bakery School & Kitchen

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Nestled in the hills of Fairfax, Vermont, Brotbakery was opened in 2012 by bakeress Heike Meyer. Growing up in Germany, Heike was heavily influenced by the rustic, hearty country loaves you still find in many European bakeries, with inspiration from the rich food traditions and bread skills in the Americas. Over the summer, you can find hand-shaped breads freshly baked in the wood-fired oven at the Brotbakery along with other ancient grain breads and even some unusual pastries and cakes.

Join us for a tour of the bakehouse, school & kitchen and an evening focused on tasting different breads & pastries, learning about the process of making natural sourdough breads & a short hands on introduction to baking with sourdough. All participants will have the opportunity to take home their very own sourdough starter along with information on how to maintain their starter culture at home and successfully bake with it.

We will all be meeting at the Brotbakery. If you are interested in driving others to this workshop or are looking for a ride, please call or e-mail Elena Palermo at (802) 861-9757 or

$10 City Market Members, $25 Non-Members