Getting In the Kitchen This Thanksgiving!

We’re coming up on a major food holiday, and while I know everyone has traditional dishes that they like to have on the table, it can be fun to add some potential new favorites every year! This year, I took a deep dive through our online recipe archive in search of new flavors and techniques to bring to my Thanksgiving table. Here are some of the recipes, tips, and tricks that might make their way into my celebrations this year: 

Shopping for the holiday is almost another event in and of itself! Do I want red onions or yellow in my stuffing? What pumpkin will give me the best pie? All of these questions and more can be answered by our Thanksgiving Produce Guide.  

It’s always nice to have a few appetizers out to get appetites ready for the main event. It’s also a great chance to try some new recipes without displacing any main-table staples! This year, I’m adding this baked Brie – I know it will look so seasonal on my Thanksgiving table! The fruitiness of the pears will perfectly complement the mushroom notes in the cheese. 

Looking to up your turkey-cooking game? Check out our Thanksgiving video series with great tips on brining, roasting, and carving your perfect turkey! It’s full of great tips, whether this is your first turkey or you’re a long-time cook. And make sure to order your bird early and defrost it early—it’s no fun trying to wrangle a bird that’s still half-frozen on the big day. Of course, Thanksgiving just isn’t complete without a foolproof gravy recipe, so make sure to save some drippings! 

If you’re looking to branch out beyond simple mashed potatoes, why not try sweet potatoes? My family makes a delicious baked casserole that’s a combination of mashed sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, but this year we’re thinking about trying a new way to pair these flavors. These maple cranberry sweet potatoes  have such a beautiful pop of color between the orange sweet potato and the ruby-red cranberries. 

And of course, we can’t forget about dessert. Pumpkin pie is a must on my Thanksgiving table, but my family is excited to try this pumpkin mascarpone pie for something a little different! 

If you want to try even more new recipes this holiday season, tune into our Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dishes livestream to learn about options for delicious, nutrient-dense fare for your holiday table!