(Self) Love is in the Air

The word aphrodisiac comes from the name of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. The Greek poet, Hesiod derives her name Aphrodite, first part aphrós or “sea foam” with the second part odítē meaning “wanderer” or dítē meaning “bright”. As February, the month of love, comes to an end, I thought I would take a moment to remind you to get in touch with your inner god or goddess and share some of my favorite self-care tips.    

1. Eat healthfully and mindfully-of course this is our number one tip, but a lot of our emotions can either trigger or soothe how we are feeling. Taking the time to consciously choose and appreciate what you are eating can make a huge difference in your life.

· Remember to sit down while eating. This may seem like a simple task but due to the business of our lives, it can be challenging to find a moment to sit down and eat a meal. And no, your car seat does not count.

· Listen to your body. Your own body knows best, and it will tell you when and what foods it wants, at what times. Take an extra moment to pause, listen and honor your hunger and respect your fullness. Eat when you are hungry and don’t eat when you aren’t.

· Eat foods that make you feel good. Again, a simple line but important. You know what foods energize you and what foods make you feel like a couch potato.

· Eat at regular times. Following a regular schedule is helpful to your body. Not only will you start to understand your hunger pains, you will notice yourself naturally making healthier food choices.  

· Eat with minimal distractions. For the 5 or 30 minutes that you are eating, remove all devices and distractions and just eat. This will help you pay attention

2. Put your face in the sun. During these, long, cold winter months, when you are embraced by the sun it can feel similar to biting into a freshly baked, warm, soft piece of bread.

3. Read a book. Dive into a novel or take 5 minutes to flip through a few pages before you go to bed. This can even be your favorite cookbook to spark inspiration for weekly recipes. Here is a review of one of my favorites, a quick and easy autobiography of Chef Gabrielle Hamilton, ‘Blood, Bones & Butter’.

4. Make a smoothie. Are you craving fruit in your life? Make a smoothie with frozen fruit to satisfy this mid-winter fruit desire. Here is a recipe for a Banana Ginger smoothie. Get creative and substitute whatever fruit you like!

5. Do a massage trade. Whether it is with your significant other or good friend, offer up a massage exchange. Even just a ten minute rub after a long day can turn anyone’s day around. For a more relaxing atmosphere try using lavender oil, the calming properties will wash over you in an instant. 

6. Remember to hydrate. If you find yourself drinking less water than when it is warmer out, try mixing it up and getting creative with your tea flavors!

7. Go dancing! Move your body. Exercise doesn’t have to be in just one form. Going to a dance class or show and twirling around counts.

8. Do a face mask. Treat yourself to a nice face mask! Check our wellness department for some hydrating, soothing ideas. Or make your own!  

9. Express gratitude. On your way to work or school or right before you sit down for dinner take a moment to think of something or someone you are grateful for. We have so much in this world to be thankful for. 

10. Chocolate. Of course, rounding out the list is our beloved chocolate. Whether you are gifting or receiving a deliciously decadent, piece, bar or chocolate dessert, chocolate can help. Check out our ample Fair Trade chocolate options next time you’re in. Check out our brochure on Fair Trade Products here!

There you have it folks, ten easy tasks to reintroduce self-care back into your life. And remember self-care starts within. Peace!