Pairing Harpoon Brewery and Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company

Beer and cheese.  A perfect pairing in theory, right? (I'm thinking cheddar ale soup, burgers, etc).  But how do you know which cheese goes well with which beer?  Our friends at Harpoon Brewery and Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company stopped by to offer some suggestions for pairing their respective products.  Read on to learn their tips!

  • UFO Gingerland and Lillé Coulommiers: The cinnamon and malty sweetness of Gingerland is a vibrant and welcome contrast to the salty and mushroomy creaminess of Lillé.
  • Long Thaw and WindsorDale: WindsorDale, mirrored after Wensleydale, has apple and citrus sweet notes that excel paired with the orange peel and spicy coriander in Long Thaw.
  • Harpoon IPA and AleHouse Cheddar: Harpoon's signature IPA is one of the ales that is used to make the AleHouse Cheddar and makes a hoppy and citrusy pairing partner.
  • UFO White and BrickHaus Tilsit: Strong notes of sparkling orange and wheat in UFO White compliment the robust flavor and nutty undertones of VFCC's smooth Tilsit.

You can find all these beers and cheeses at the Co-op (if you can't find one of them, please ask our friendly Beer and Wine staff and our Cheese Department staff for assistance).  Enjoy!

Harpoon and VFCC Pairing