Farm Visit: Miskell's Premium Organics

Earlier this month, a few of us from the Co-op went out to visit one of our favorite farmers: David Miskell, from Miskell's Premium Organics in Charlotte.  You can find Miskell's produce in our Produce Department, as well as on our Hot and Cold Food Bars. 

David and Susan first started farming in the early 1980s at Shelburne Farms and then the Intervale Center. Now, David and his wife, Susan, own a half-acre greenhouse farm and specialize in late season kale, chard, bok choy, basil, lettuce, and cucumbers (after first experimenting with tomatoes and peaches). David's greenhouse is heated and produces throughout the winter.  In fact, he has a bed of chard that has been producing for almost a full year! 

David Miskell

David Miskell in front of some beds of chard that are still producing - in December!

Bok Choy

Bok choy going strong

Checking out the tunnels

Checking out what's growing in the tunnels

View of the greenhouse

Exciting to see so much green and healthy soil in early December!


Beneficial insects provide invaluable services in the greenhouse