A Visit to Amir's Mushrooms

Some City Market staff members recently organized a bike ride out to Colchester to visit Amir Hebib’s mushroom house to visit with Amir and learn more about the mushrooms and plants he cultivates.  Before moving to Vermont from Bosnia in 1996, Amir managed one of the largest mushroom operations in Europe. Now, Amir grows approximately 150 pounds of shitake and oyster mushrooms each week.  Amir strongly believes in using organic methods and never uses insecticides against fungus gnats (a common mushroom pest), opting for sticky traps instead. Check out the photos below to see some behind-the-scenes photos from our visit with Amir, and check out Amir's mushrooms in our Produce Department!

Amir's Mushrooms

Amir's mushroom house in Colchester

Amir's dog

This friendly guy (Amir's dog) accompanied us on our tour


Shitake mushrooms growing in sawdust logs

Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms growing

Soaking logs

Amir showing us how he soaks the mushroom logs

Greenhouse plants

In addition to mushrooms, Amir also grows a variety of potted houseplants and perennials

Amir and his dog

A man and his dog. Amir was a gracious host. Thanks for showing us around, Amir!