Shannon Rose Kilpatrick

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Why would you like to serve on the City Market Board? What excites you about becoming a Board Member?

For over three decades, I've witnessed community challenges, notably food insecurity, deeply aligning with City Market's values and mission. Growing up amidst financial struggles exposed me to food insecurity's impact. City Market's commitment to accessible, high-quality food resonates profoundly. In 34 Vermont years, I've seen the co-op's evolution and positive influence, inspiring my Board service aspiration. My motivation stems from a genuine wish to give back and shape co-op strategies, collaborating with like-minded individuals for community well-being. 

My background qualifies me for meaningful Board contributions. Seven years refining process analysis as a Quality Assurance Coordinator emphasized efficiency, accountability, and empathy. Supervising the Healthcare Provider Grant Stabilization project provided insights into team management and service commitments, pivotal for a thriving environment. As a Content Manager, I've honed strategic thinking and tailored communication, aligning with continuous improvement through KPI-setting and content analysis.

Fueled by a passion for transformative change akin to City Market's impact, I aim to cultivate community, inclusivity, and prosperity on the Board. City Market's cooperative structure empowers members to shape its direction—an opportunity I eagerly await. My unique background enriches discussions. Joining the Board, I'm excited to amplify the co-op's mission with my commitment and experiences.

Please describe any professional skills you have that will help you to be an effective Board Member. How would you help the Board to balance the business needs of a $50 million business with the need to meet our Global Ends as a community-owned cooperative?

My diverse background equips me for valuable contributions to the Board's goals. Over seven years, I've refined process analysis skills. As a Quality Assurance Coordinator, I prioritized efficient, accountable, and empathetic customer experiences, transferrable to City Market. Supervising projects like Healthcare Provider Grant Stabilization developed team management expertise, essential for balancing business needs and community dedication. This proficiency ensures strategic decisions align with growth and our cooperative's mission.

As a Content Manager, strategic thinking and tailored communication fostered community engagement. This skill caters to varied stakeholder perspectives while promoting growth. KPI-setting, content audits, and assessing effectiveness resonate with City Market's continuous improvement approach, supporting data-driven decisions. Balancing the $50 million business and Global Ends draws from my multifaceted experience. Analyzing metrics uncovers avenues for financial success and community welfare. Upholding high service standards reinforces cooperative values.

My passion for community growth, stemming from food insecurity experience, aligns business strategies with cooperative values. I safeguard City Market's inclusivity, sustainability, and support. Performance analysis, operational efficiency, engagement, and data-driven decisions underscore my skills that enrich the Board's mission. Collaborating with peers, I eagerly drive City Market's success while upholding its beacon of hope.

Describe your prior involvement with community organizations and/or cooperatives. What did you learn from these experiences?

My community engagement enriches my perspective and reinforces my dedication to service, instilling values that would greatly benefit the City Market Board.

Through diverse initiatives, like the Steps to End Domestic Violence Holiday Program, I've impacted lives, embodying compassion by providing toys for children in need. Raising funds for the Big Change Roundup for Vermont Children's Hospital highlights unity's importance, especially for young community members' well-being. Contributing to the local food shelf reflects my commitment, an annual donation honoring my Uncle's generosity and community impact. Engaging in Vermont Family Network conferences developed invaluable community organization skills and reinforced the transformative power of education and connection. My HOA board role honed consensus-building and communication skills, essential for the City Market Board's collaborative work. Volunteering at the Local Motion booth during the Farmer's Market and Marathon deepened my understanding of events shaping community well-being. Adopting pets from non-profit animal rescues showcases my compassion-driven commitment.

These involvements underscored community organizations and cooperatives as threads weaving a compassionate society, emphasizing unity's value. My extensive community engagement nurtures empathy, collaboration, and responsibility. Coupled with my professional background, I'm poised to contribute effectively to the City Market Board, uniting service and strategic decision-making for an inclusive future.

City Market, Onion River Co-op is a learning organization committed to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) work. What opportunities do you see as a Board member to support these initiatives at City Market and how would you ensure that the Board’s work is grounded in these principles? Describe any prior involvement in JEDI work either personally or professionally.

As a dedicated community advocate for positive change, I'm fully committed to championing Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) within City Market, Onion River Co-op. My experiences and values align with these principles, forming a foundation to nurture an inclusive environment.

My journey through financial challenges and community involvement reinforces the vital significance of JEDI work. As a Quality Assurance Coordinator, supervisor, Content Manager, and volunteer, I've gained insights that resonate with JEDI values. As a Content Manager, crafting inclusive content highlights my commitment to communication. Participation in community initiatives like Steps to End Domestic Violence, Vermont Children's Hospital fundraising, and non-profit support demonstrates dedication to addressing disparities.

Beyond my professional role, my engagement with JEDI reflects my core values. Honoring my late Uncle's legacy, I contribute to the food shelf, embodying a commitment to equality. Leadership within the HOA advances equity in residential realms. My diverse engagement reflects belief in JEDI principles. As a prospective City Market Board Member, I'm eager to champion these initiatives. Infusing JEDI into the Board's work aligns with my values and dedication to fostering an inclusive community.

What opportunities and challenges do you see in the future of City Market?

Gazing into City Market's future, optimism and purpose fill me. Ahead, opportunities and challenges await, urging us to unite our strength, wisdom, and commitment for a thriving, inclusive, and sustainable community. City Market's evolution as a nourishing hub and connection point is an enticing opportunity. As a long-standing community member, I've witnessed its remarkable growth and sense of belonging. Guiding this evolution to ensure City Market remains integral excites me deeply.

However, these opportunities are paired with thought-demanding challenges. Adapting to evolving community needs while upholding core values is crucial. Balancing innovation with tradition demands strategic foresight and commitment. Extending City Market's transformative impact is vital. Addressing accessibility and affordability is key, requiring partnerships and collaborations for widespread benefit. Technology and shifting consumer behaviors must also be embraced thoughtfully. Innovation can enhance experiences and outreach, while maintaining personal connections in a digital age.

My skills in performance analysis, operations optimization, and community engagement position me to contribute valuably. Commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion aligns with our co-op's values. This journey needs open dialogue, collaboration, and visionary thinking. The Board must safeguard the legacy and sculpt the future. My dedication, experience, and passion make me an apt contributor.