Caramelized Onions with Balsamic & Bacon

Recipe from: Michael Benoit, Albert’s Organics

This is a wonderful accompaniment to pork chops for a delightfully warm and savory dinner. 

Prep Time

0 minutes

Cook Time

15 minutes


4 Servings


4 ounces bacon (Niman Applewood Smoked )
1 onion, red
1 onion, sweet
2 ounces maple syrup
1 ounce balsamic vinegar (aged (18 year aged is the best))
1 tablespoon oregano, fresh
1 tablespoon thyme, fresh
  salt (to taste)
  black pepper, ground (to taste)


Warm a sauté pan over medium heat. To prep, dice the bacon and julienne the onions. Set aside. Add bacon to the sauté pan and cook until fat is rendered. Remove bacon and set aside. Add the sliced onions to the rendered bacon fat and sauté. Turn off the burner and add back the bacon, along with seasonings. Let combine and serve with main dish.