Local Feature: Feared Beard VT

Feared Beard VT is a Burlington based and 100% natural beard oil and balm company which shares their customers’ commitment to growth, conditioning and styling of facial hair by combining ingredients that are specifically chosen to deliver expectations that exceed customers’ commitment to beard excellence. Each product is targeted to deliver a unique performance that will set your beard apart from all others.  Although each individual oil is not unknown to the marketplace, the specific combination of exotic ingredients produces a synergistic effect that will promote healthier facial hair, roots, and skin beneath.

Founder, Kyle Donovan, a UVM graduate in Chemistry, started Feared Beard VT with a dream of bringing highly effective men’s personal care to the natural marketplace. He was able to combine his professional training with his insight for a growing trend in men’s personal care to create products that truly work and contain no fillers. 

Combining the fast absorbing properties of cold pressed jojoba, native to the southwest of the United States, with oils and butters native to the plains of Africa, creates a truly effective and unique blend. Used for generations to protect against the harsh conditions of the arid desert, oils such as Moringa, Baobab, and Hemp help these products shine, condition, and protect your beard. The balms are made up of primarily shea butter, virgin coconut oil, and beeswax sourced directly from our local Champlain Valley Apiaries.

Feared Beard VT has taken the best of the new and old world to build incredibly effective and 100% natural formulations. The time that it takes to grow a full beard is something cherished by Kyle and is equally supported by the commitment Feared Beard VT has for their products.

Beard on!