Community Outreach Partner Update - Pine Island Community Farm

A group of brown and white goats munch on a pine tree. The pine tree is lying on its side on a snowy flat yard in front of a red building.

We want to share an update with you about one of our partners, Pine Island Community Farm. Last spring, Chuda and Gita Dhaurali had the wonderful opportunity to purchase the farm from the Vermont Land Trust. We are so excited for them and the continued success of their business, now called Dhaurali Goats. Because the farm is now a privately owned business and not a non-profit under the Vermont Land Trust, we are unable to offer Member Work credit for volunteer hours there. We hope that our Members can continue to support and volunteer at their farm outside of your Member Work hours. Thanks for your understanding!

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City Market Members who volunteer with participating Community Outreach Partners receive a 12% month-long in-store discount for four hours of volunteering or a 7% month-long in-store discount for two hours of volunteering. Last year, Member Workers performed over 16,000 hours of volunteer work in our community! 

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If you have questions about the evolution of Dhaurali Goats or about our Member Work program, we'd love to hear from you! You can reach our Membership team at