Updating Coolers at our Downtown store

A yellow diamond on a dark red background. The yellow diamond has a black drawing of an onion on it.

We’re updating the coolers at the back of our Downtown store!

Our current open coolers let cold air into our store. New cooler doors will mean more energy savings, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and shrinking our climate footprint. Plus, we’ll be able to stock those coolers from the back, eliminating some traffic from the aisle.

Here’s what Downtown shoppers need to know:

  • Starting the evening of June 5 and lasting for about a week, Our Downtown store will be carrying a limited selection of dairy, eggs, and other products that we generally stock in the coolers at the back of the store. 
  • Some products will be located in different coolers throughout the store – check out in-store signage and the map below for details.
  • Looking for something specific? We encourage shoppers to visit our South End Store, which will have a wider selection of products available during this time.

Thanks for your cooperation while we make this important investment in our space!

A map of the floor plan of the City Market Downtown store. It denotes that cheese will be in aisle 1, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese and ricotta will be in aisle 5, creamer, eggs and butter will be in aisle 7, and milk will be in the front-of-store coolers near the registers.
An array of icons picturing milk, creamer, eggs, butter, cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta and yogurt.