Helping Pete's Greens

Co-op will donate 1% of sales from Jan 20-23
01.18.2011– When news of the January 12th fire at Pete's Greens in Craftsbury made the rounds at City Market, we wondered how we could help one of our popular local vendors.

Pete Johnson, the founder of Pete's Greens, reported that they were under-insured on the barn and all of the equipment it contained and weren't insured at all for the value of the stored produce and frozen meat. City Market decided to donate 1% of our sales on some of our busier shopping days to Pete's Greens and encourage our customers to donate as well.

From Thursday, January 20 through Sunday, January 23, City Market will donate 1% of sales to help Pete's Greens rebuild and, at the same time, will be accepting donations directly from customers.

When Mary Manghis, City Market's Produce Buyer, called Pete Johnson to talk with him about City Market's offer, he was appreciative. Manghis said, "This time of year, City Market normally receives greens, gold beets, sweet onions, shallots and cabbage from Pete's. Our customers especially enjoy the fresh, local spinach in the winter. Pete's enthusiasm and commitment to dig right back in and rebuild and replant is admirable. The Co-op looks forward to working with Pete's to restock his produce, hopefully in April."

Saturday's email newsletter from Pete's Greens indicated that the farm is also accepting donations online from their website at or through the mail at Pete's Greens, Rebuild the Barn Fund, 266 S. Craftsbury Road, Craftsbury VT 05826. While Pete noted in the newsletter that they are, "very uncomfortable asking for and receiving financial help...we do need it and I really appreciate your support."

Our community really bands together in times like this! Check out all the other events going on to benefit Pete's Greens: