New Board of Directors

City Market, Onion River Co-op, downtown Burlington’s cooperative grocery store, announces four new members to its Board of Directors: Susan Munkres, Wayne Warnken, Molly O'Brien, and Nancy Nesbitt. The new Board of Directors began their three-year terms on January 1.

Munkres has been involved in organic gardening, CSA's, farmers' markets, and co-ops for over 20 years, but most recently lived in the deep South where alternatives to the conventional food system were few and far between. She also teaches about food systems to high school and college students.

Warnken, a family physician at the Community Health Center, has lived in Burlington for the past four years. As a physician at the Health Center, he says he sees the impact that nutrition has on our community every day and is looking forward to using those experiences to help continue City Market's mission.

Nancy Nesbitt has been a member of the Co-op for 12 years. She says that the quality of the food draws her in, as well as the opportunity to support the local vendors. “I don’t look for immediate and fast change, yet want to help nurture the continued growth working with the members,” said Nesbitt.

Molly O’Brien wanted to join the Board of Directors because she hopes to play an active role in helping to ensure that Onion River Co-op continues to be a thriving place for healthy food, community connection, and member education. O’Brien has previously been a member of the Putney Co-op in Putney, VT and Green Fields Market, in Greenfield, MA where she served on the Board of Directors. “This Co-op has many great programs in place and I am committed to continuing what we do well while also searching for new ways to make the Co-op a venue for positive change in the community,” said O’Brien.

Three Board of Directors, Garry Schaedel, David Booth and Kiernan Flynn,  stepped down on December 31. Both Schaedel and Booth served two full terms on the Board and both were President at different times. “They helped navigate the Co-op through rocky waters early in their terms,” said General Manager Clem Nilan. “It is a fitting tribute that they leave Onion River Co-op in a much better place than they found it.” Flynn served the Board for one year.