The Janet S. Munt Family Room

Food/Land Access
Year Round

The program’s mission is to foster characteristics that are associated with strong families and child abuse prevention: parent-child nurturance and attachment, knowledge of parenting and child development, parental resilience and ability to handle stress, social connections and parent support to access community resources. Families are invited to enjoy free, healthy, home-cooked meals and snacks during each of the programs they offer.

Job Summary

The Family Room provides many opportunities for volunteers with differing skill sets.  Volunteer opportunities range from long-term volunteer positions (free background check and references required) to one-time opportunities (signed confidentiality waiver only).  These opportunities include:

  • Event Help
  • Food Prep
  • Program Support, including direct service support, set up, and clean up, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am to 1pm (shifts can be split)
  • Garden Work, including multiple annual garden work days
  • Administrative Work, including help with mailings and teaching materials
  • Work Days, including cleaning days 2-3 times a year, cooking days every 6 weeks, and large scale infrastructure projects like carpentry or painting

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